A Students Guide To Online Piano Lessons

This is a post on the format of online piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio, with some ideas on how piano students can have a basic set up at home without spending too much. In-Studio Lessons moving to Online Lessons for the lockdown. Lessons will be held at the same time slot as In-Studio lessons.Continue reading “A Students Guide To Online Piano Lessons”

The Piano Practise’r’s

They go to the piano on days that are sad, On days they feel happy, or to let out their mad. On days that go well and on days they feel taxed, Because, most important of all – they play to relax. They listen to music for joy – not as homework. Different genres andContinue reading “The Piano Practise’r’s”

How to learn a new piano piece

Sight reading a new piece it’s always TOG, Bit by bit else you’ll have to slog. Go through the motions on days that it’s tough, Because small┬ábits of practise will make smooth out of rough. Later it’s SEP ‘cos you’ll pick it apart, Exploring aurals and technique till it gets in your heart. Because musicContinue reading “How to learn a new piano piece”

A guide to buying a suitable piano bench

This post talks about piano posture, what to consider when buying a piano bench & where the Indian student can find piano benches to suit different budgets. Plus an easy low-budget solution for a low piano bench. Practising on a basic keyboard during the early years of piano class Many Indian students buy basic 5-octaveContinue reading “A guide to buying a suitable piano bench”

7 Scheduling Tips for Relaxed Piano Practise

The way piano practise is scheduled matters. Students who manage their piano practise schedule well also learn, in the process, to manage their daily schedule well. They practise less and achieve more because they’re more relaxed. This fosters better piano playing technique and helps students move to challenging repertoire easily. The aim of good practiseContinue reading “7 Scheduling Tips for Relaxed Piano Practise”

Coping with the overscheduled child in piano class

An essay about helping children learn how to learn. I wrote this based on my teaching experiences years ago, and success with working with piano students and families that were over-scheduled. This is the child who never has a week-day at home after school. Who does not get enough unstructured play time, that is necessary,Continue reading “Coping with the overscheduled child in piano class”