Stand up and fight for what is right

Stand up and fight for what is right, With words  imperfect, but a heart that’s alright. Be the flame that sheds light – alive and strong, When society wants a display of money, or when you see something wrong.

Education policy : Why kindergarten children need assessments

Kharghar was already starting to be a location with a large middle class population when we moved here. And I was shocked to see so many middle class families where children had such poor education. This post is about : The factors that made me think this way. Why language comprehension at age 0 toContinue reading “Education policy : Why kindergarten children need assessments”

Respect and Effective Learning in Piano Class

While many parents were happy to take the time to understand what was going on in piano lessons, there were quite a few who weren’t. 

I learned that educating parents was the secret to progress. Quite a challenge even with those that were interested, and a lost effort with those that weren’t.

There were two major difficulties I faced when teaching in this market which is new to the kind of piano teaching teachers like me do. . .

What young beginners learn in piano class

“Playing the piano has changed the way I think. I can’t really identify the difference, but I can feel it in the way I get things done.”

I get feedback similar to this from parents of young children after a year or two of piano class.

Aiming low = reaching high?

 The tried and tested path to success “Aim higher than you want to reach. You may miss your target, but you will still reach your original goal” This way of thinking has worked very well for me and many of my  piano students who wanted sucess easy. Who wanted to do just barely enough thatContinue reading “Aiming low = reaching high?”

The Power of Reading —

In a matter of days, my daughter will have finished the first grade. She has, by all accounts, done exceptionally well this past year, testing at two grades above her age. To say I’m proud is too quaint of an expression for how I feel. This is, no doubt, partly due to her wonderful teacher, […]Continue reading “The Power of Reading —”

Coping with the overscheduled child in piano class

This child may grow to be an 8 year old, who has difficulty answering a question, if it differs from what he/she is thinking about….. often does not listen to what is being asked….. memorises very quickly and does everything by rote.

To all my Teachers

Thank you, For teaching me with love and patience. For believing in me on the days that I did not believe in myself. For giving me confidence to try even when it meant risking failure. For picking me up after a fall, and teaching me how to accept failure and move on. Thank you also,Continue reading “To all my Teachers”