Kitchen waste composting at home

My first month with anaerobic composting.

I looked at a lot of options and chose the Trust Bin – fully sealed bins for anaerobic composting that come with enough Compost maker and Coco-peat for the first month, and  easy to follow instructions…. Continue reading

I loved you

My inspiration for this poem is something that happened many years ago. I can still hear the screaming – it echoes in my mind. I remember opening the door to ask if my neighbour needed help and she smiled apologetically, saying : “We loved our son so much that we never said no to him.” She … Continue reading

My choice

I chose you and I lost my ability to see. I couldn’t see your failings, though I was aware of them before. It’s not that I was blind, but that I didn’t want to see. Deep down inside, I think accepting your flaws was a reflection on me. Because you were MY choice.   I … Continue reading

A step-wise approach to mindful piano practise

Piano practise should be a time of attention to detail and focus, but so often ends up being mindless repetition. This often leads to breakdowns & insecure playing during piano performances. Many many young students who say they panic and are therefore unable to perform, actually have the ability to perform well, when they use the right tools to practise effectively. 

Here’s a check-list, to help piano students make mindfulness a part of their practise. Continue reading

Book Review : The Art of Piano Fingering

The Art of Piano Fingering by Rami Bar-Niv is a wonderfully detailed exploration of piano fingering. It’s become my textbook for when I get stuck with fingering and need to study it in relation to playing technique, hand size and the kind of effect that a passage of piano music requires the pianist to produce. Continue reading