About me


About Me

Hello, I’m Anitaelise Kohli and I teach piano lessons and write poetry.


Piano teaching is my second career, a choice to work from home so I have time for family, as well as time for the things that bring me happiness. I started teaching piano lessons in Mumbai in 2001 and loved it from the start.

Realizing very soon that one size doesn’t fit all, and that each piano student learns and thinks differently set me studying piano teaching techniques and I began to change my teaching to meet different learning needs.

I have some experience teaching students with learning difficulties, as well as working with parents when young children need discipline, or need a more flexible approach to discipline. Adults find my lessons help them relax and restructure their routines for ease with daily practise.

The most important aspect of piano teaching for me is the joy that I get from seeing my piano students learn how to learn independently, and seeing their love of learning and knowledge grow along with their love for piano playing.

I play the piano to relax, and practise regularly and continue to study the piano for two reasons. One – to be a better teacher tomorrow than I am today. And two – because playing the piano, like teaching, brings me joy.

The journey of life for me is about understanding, learning and growth. About trying and sometimes about making mistakes. And about forgiveness, acceptance and moving forward.

A journey fraught with challenges, human failings and the hope that comes from a decision to always endeavour to live with joy.

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Link to The Relaxed Housekeeper And Other Stories on YouTube – a reciting challenge I’ve taken on for myself, because I really miss attending poetry workshops.

The Mountains of Tasmania was my first poem written when I was in my late teens. A desperate effort to write introductory notes to a piano piece on which I could find very little to read!

I write poetry regularly and use a diary when I need to vent or sort things out. I write when I face challenges, until I find a solution. Writing is an outlet for my feelings  about my life, as well as what happens around me. 

Many of my poems are written in the first person as I feel this makes my poems more personal to my readers. I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

I try to represent different viewpoints in my writing, not just my own. My writings are presented with the understanding that they are the voice of some. With the understanding that there are many situations to which they may not apply. And that the solutions I occasionally talk about may not be the remedy for all.

Because the rainbow has many colours.

I post my poems here at my blog, and have recently started publishing them at Anitaelise at Allpoetry

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