The biggest practise mistake piano students make

Your piano teacher says you’re not doing well This is a student who wants progress. He/she is an older student, teen or adult, who is not content to learn lots of beginner level repertoire. Who comes to class having put a lot of effort into what is currently being worked on. But this student isn’t … Continue reading

My friend for a reason

My friend for a reason, I thought you were true, But you ran when you thought I had need. I was your friend for all time, And I thought you were mine, But now things have changed and there’s no going back.

That wonderful feeling

That wonderful feeling that you don’t know enough. It’s what keeps you wanting to study and learn. To strive to always be better today than you were yesterday. That feeling that you never fit in. Because you don’t live by rules imposed by the outside. You’ve got an internal compass of your own and you’ve … Continue reading

This gift

You taught me to believe.

To have faith and to talk to a higher power everyday.

First thing in the morning, and at night before I went off to sleep. Continue reading