Kharghar is burning

Kharghar is burning and nobody cares.

There’s always a strong smell of smoke in the air.

Garbage collection is not a routine,

And waste segregation still is a pipe dream. Continue reading

Start to explode?

The roads there for walking, the streets are for parking, The footpaths where we sell our wares. The junction is where we stop to chat, Though the signal is green and we’re causing a jam.   We’re desperately eager to eat at the cart, On the road mid the smoke from the bikes and cars, … Continue reading

Piano Technique Concerns with Beginner Students

Many beginner level piano students struggle to learn and find playing difficult, because they play the piano with poor technique. Beginner level piano students need to have some basic understanding of the purpose of good piano technique. This helps them understand when it’s time to take their difficulties to their piano teacher.

Here’s a post that, I hope, explains all of this, in brief. Continue reading

A tale of two families

Husband No 1 : Nothing to do, nothing to do! My poor dear wife has nothing to do! I come home from work and the house is so clean, She’s sitting around reading a magazine! The food is all cooked and our ironing is done. She looks like her day’s been a lot of fun. … Continue reading

More on my middle

Hey diddle diddle there’s more on my middle, I need to go down for a walk! But when there’s sometime and the weather is fine, I go meet my friends and we sit down and talk.