The Piano Practise’r’s

Some piano students are able to practise regularly without much effort, while others struggle. Long term piano students who do well in piano lessons often excel in their studies. And some even have time for other hobbies.

This poem explores two important factors that give long term piano students their ability to do so much.


They go to the piano on days that are sad,

On days they feel happy, or to let out their mad.

On days that go well and on days they feel taxed,

Because, most important of all – they play to relax.


They listen to music for joy – not as homework.

Different genres and styles – it makes them receptive to new cultures and ideas.


They go to the piano on days they feel lonely,

Or when they need an escape when there’s too much company.

On days that are busy, it’s a minute at night.

Because playing the piano just makes them feel light.


They’re much better at scheduling than most of their peers,

They develop these skills over time – learn to balance practise with study as well as work.

They practise daily through rain, or through hail or through sun,

Because they love the challenge of practise – they think it’s real fun.


They practise more when it’s busy, and on days they feel taxed,

Because, most important of all – they play to relax.


Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

It’s odd to see so many students giving up hobbies during years when work or study get challenging. And see piano students practising more during these times.

Playing the piano still helps me relax during times I have too much to do, or on days I feel stressed.

I write this post as a  piano teacher who teaches her students how to schedule, so that they practise daily, and their daily piano practise is relaxed.

And, as a piano practise’r’.

Copyright © Anita E Kohli, August 2019. All rights reserved.


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