7 Scheduling Tips for Relaxed Piano Practise

The way piano practise is scheduled matters. Students who manage their piano practise schedule well also learn, in the process, to manage their daily schedule well. They practise less and achieve more because they’re more relaxed. This fosters better piano playing technique and helps students move to challenging repertoire easily. The aim of good practiseContinue reading “7 Scheduling Tips for Relaxed Piano Practise”

Coping with the overscheduled child in piano class

An essay about helping children learn how to learn. I wrote this based on my teaching experiences years ago, and success with working with piano students and families that were over-scheduled. This is the child who never has a week-day at home after school. Who does not get enough unstructured play time, that is necessary,Continue reading “Coping with the overscheduled child in piano class”