I can sing my own song

I can sing my own song while the music plays loud,

I can sing my own song, of this I am proud.

I can sign loud & clear though it might hurt your ears,

Cos I’m singing a song that’s not playing!

You must understand that it’s not my fault,

You must understand, you must know what’s the cause.

It’s what I was taught in my aural training –

To hold my tune while someone else is singing.

The music plays loud but I hear the song,

That matches my current emotion.

I sing it out loud till I let it all out,

And feel like a different person.

I sing out loud when I need a release,

From the daily routine of cooking meals.

I’m wailing away while the dinner gets done,

And you walk in wondering what is wrong!

I sing my own song even when it’s all wrong,

Cos it’s not on the CD that I put on!

You hear me wailing and think I’m ailing

And that I might need to visit the doctor.

To my husband 🙂

That wonderful feeling

That wonderful feeling that you don’t know enough.

It’s what keeps you wanting to study and learn.
To strive to always be better today than you were yesterday.

That feeling that you never fit in.

Because you don’t live by rules imposed by the outside.
You’ve got an internal compass of your own and you’ve learned it’s wise to trust it.
And be comfortable with who you are. Continue reading

I get it…my rant on driving while talking on the phone

… to the slightly insane driver’s who disrupt traffic, on the Sion-Panvel highway


I get it that you have important matters to talk about

So you drive slowly, and chat on your cell phone


I get it that you don’t care

That you’re slowing everyone down

That a lot of the driver’s behind you are switching lanes, because you driving at 30km/hr

And they’re stuck driving at a crawl behind you Continue reading