Possibilities .. a poem about my dreams for the future

3 Possibilities road-1072823_1920

Sometimes I sits, I sits and thinks, of things I’ve never seen,

Of places that I’ll never know, of what I may not be.

Of all the possibilities that seem so far away,

of all the lovely winding roads, that lead out from my gate.

I dream of possibilities I cannot see awake,

Of walking lovely winding roads that seem so far away.

I know I’ll never really know what lies along my way,

Or what I’ll someday choose to do,

And which new path my feet will take.

I sits sometimes, I sits and thinks – in wonder, as I wait

For every turn that’ll take me on, to where I’ll be someday

One of my favourite books is ‘The Lord of the Rings’ .. and the start of it all ‘The hobbit’. I just love the poetry there, especially the poem by Bilbo Baggins (The road goes ever on and on….)

Image by Valiphotos from Pixabay

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