The Lockdown Piano Lessons Challenge

Dear Piano Students,

Piano lessons during the lockdown are very different from your earlier in-studio lessons where we met face-to-face. Online learning is very different, and there are other challenges arising from lockdown living.

There’s the social isolation, the need to use cellphones and computers a lot more, as well as the lack of play and movement. The extra Monday group sessions offered to all my piano students since the start of the lockdown seem to be creating a piano student community. It’s lovely to see all of you working together and getting to know each other.

I see three main factors that are really challenging for all students today.

  1. Online lessons need a high degree of student independence and organization.
  2. There’s a big problem with computer and cellphone use – it’s just so easy to get involved in doing other tasks and get stuck to a device.
  3. Exercise and movement between activities, an essential to reset an overly active and creative brain, or to stimulate creativity on lazy days, is missing.

So here’s a challenge for those of you who want to have some fun and learn a few tricks that will make online learning a breeze.

The Lockdown Piano Lessons Challenge

5 minutes a week to set a goal and 5 minutes each day to practise the goal. Please click here to download the challenge PDF file.

This challenge is a free download and can be used by anyone, not just my piano students, in accordance with the copyright notice at my website.

Lets rock this lockdown and make it work,


An Update

The above challenge turned out to be a way to address the parts of online learning and living that many of my students struggled with. Or that they were happy not tackling, not realizing it held them back.

Organization with Dr Sonali Gharat – Dr Sonali Gharat, a psychologist and remedial educator, conducted an online session on Organization at Anitaelise Piano Studio for some of my adult students. Her wonderful session on organized living and thinking actually reinforced many ideas at they learn in piano class. And I was thrilled to see the impact of her ideas – a determined focus on general workflow organization. And some thought on changing disorganized busy to organized routine.

Music needs space, and The Lockdown Piano Lessons Challenge provided a way to talk on student specific challenges that either get in the way of online lessons, or daily piano practise. Students with set-up problems seem to have sorted themselves out. Many students resistant to practise organization have put some level of organization into daily piano practise. And some students are now more open to putting movement into their daily routine to ease the stress of being locked in at home.

My online teaching is now focused on music and piano teaching, and no longer needs to focus on helping my students adjust to online learning and living. Some slow learners have picked up the pace of learning and some fast learners have got pretty independent with organization their practise. And there’s just, all around, been a lot more piano playing and a lot more sight-reading going on.

All I can say is YAAAAAYYYYY!!

Published by Anitaelise

Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper.

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