How to learn a new piano piece

  PS : TOG & SEP are my short-forms for playing hands together and hands separately. Sight reading a new piece it’s always TOG, Bit by bit else you’ll have to slog. Go through the motions on days that it’s tough, Because small bits of practise will make smooth out of rough.

Piano teaching : Why I moved to No-Make-Ups

No more Make-ups when students miss piano lessons I recently switched from 100% Make-Ups for missed lessons, to No-Make-Ups with ‘Flex Slots’.  Each student who practises regularly qualifies for un-charged extra class time each month during my ‘Flex Slots’. In this post, I discuss my decision to make this change and tell piano students andContinue reading “Piano teaching : Why I moved to No-Make-Ups”

Setting clear and achievable goals in piano class

Making goal-setting, review and assessment a joint exercise with my students is helping me teach them to make clearer connections between their practise and the quality of their performances, and take responsibility for their work. 

Can you Learn On Your Own?

Young beginner students who understand and learn, generally start coming to class within a month or two, having learned an new easy piece on their own. Students with learning difficulties, poor exposure to education or discipline issues take longer. However, even with these students, there will be visible signs of comprehension and a slow growth in learning independence over time.

When focus is a problem in piano class

A brief glimpse of the teacher’s struggle The piano teacher points to a note and asks the student to name it. The student answers wrong repeatedly. When this child is asked to point out the note he/she is talking about, it becomes clear that the student know his/her stuff, but is just not able toContinue reading “When focus is a problem in piano class”

What do piano teachers ‘DO’?

“You teach the piano?  That’s wonderful!  What do you do with the rest of your time?” Many piano teachers hear variations of this. From friends, relatives and even parents of new students, who think piano teaching happens just at class time. They see the joy that a teacher feels when students do well, and don’tContinue reading “What do piano teachers ‘DO’?”

What your piano fees pay for

Parents often think that piano teaching is just a 1 hour class once a week for the teacher. Here’s a print from a brochure I keep handy, for parents of all new students to read….It helps parents see that the piano teaching is a ‘profession’ as well as a vocation for the teacher – asContinue reading “What your piano fees pay for”

Questions parents of young beginner piano students need to ask

Here’s a list of 8 questions that come up over the course of piano teaching. I’m addressing these answer’s specifically to the parents of my new beginner students. 1) Does my teaching approach suit the parent and child? Do the parent, student and teacher have the same goals? Parents and students goals change over time,Continue reading “Questions parents of young beginner piano students need to ask”

Why young students give up the piano

‘Parents thinking a child can practise alone, is a major reason why children stop piano study’ .. i quote here, from a blog by the Vahl Piano Studio. The blog makes an interesting point, that students give up, because they can’t progress.. because they don’t practise enough to learn something new every time.. That whenContinue reading “Why young students give up the piano”

2 minutes and 2 steps to Creative Piano Practise

….for piano students to make their practise spontaneous, yet regular and fun. So, students, this is how it works : Select a small section from a piece you like (a line or a phrase of music) – change the section every week Play it for 2 minutes, when you take a break from some otherContinue reading “2 minutes and 2 steps to Creative Piano Practise”