Hello and welcome to my blog

Piano teaching is my second career. I started teaching the piano in 2001, after 10 years of working in the corporate world, and then went back to studying the piano, and appeared for my ATCL Recital in Piano (Trinity Guildhall, London) in 2007. I attend piano workshops and classes in Mumbai, whenever I get a chance, so that I can keep on learning more.

I am from Mumbai and have lived there, until 2009, when my husband and I moved to Khargar (Navi Mumbai.) I currently teach in Bandra (Mumbai), as well as in Khargar.

My goal in piano teaching is to inculcate a relaxed approach to piano practise – with students of all ages, so that they go to the piano daily – to have fun and because it’s what they love to do. My piano classes for young children have a lot of movement, and all students are encouraged to ask questions and express their own point of view.

I interact regularly with parents of young children, so they understand that fun is a part of piano practise and so that they understand the level of difficulty and can see when their child is trying…and also, because I see parents support as an integral part of their child’s learning.

Running my own home, in a way that gives me time to do the things I love, is a priority for me – teaching, piano practise, learning more, as well as spending time with family. I read, listen to music and sing, and love going for long walks. The quiet and space in Khargar is a welcome change from Mumbai. Khargar is developing and slowly getting more occupied, so I’m enjoying it  while it lasts…

Thank you for reading my blog – I hope you find something that interests you here.


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