About me

I’ve always wanted to do more than I should, given there are just 24 hours in each day. I spent my school years studying late nights and early mornings, because I needed my evenings to do what I loved  – read and play the piano.

I grew up listening to James Taylor, Carol King and Barbara Streisand. We’d switch on our little 3in1 tape recorder as soon as we got up, because we needed music to start the day. I first started to love classical music when I listened to a recording of Vladimir Horowitz playing Chopin.

I took a break from piano class after my Grade 8 piano exam, and came back to it in my last year of college. I did my Performer’s Certificate  while studying for my Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and then worked with a multinational pharmaceutical company for about 10 years, before I switched careers. I started teaching the piano part-time in 2001 and gave up my corporate career after that and it’s been great! I  went back to being a piano student and got my Associate Trinity College London (ATCL) Recital diploma. I attend piano workshops whenever I can, and study and practise on my own. 

I’ve taught students  upto Grade 8 level so far, and have been successful teaching children with mild reading and focus issues, as well as kids who lacked discipline. I work with parent support to discipline children, with teaching methods that make piano class fun and help children learn discipline in a positive way.

There are a lot of music teachers in Navi Mumbai who have done keyboard exams only, and don’t know how to play the piano beyond grade 1 level. I’m very interested in teaching these teachers. Teaching them to play the piano, and later, in helping them improve their teaching and expand their own teaching studios to include piano teaching.

My favourite books are ‘The Wheel of Time’ by Robert Jordan, ‘The Hobbit’ by JRR Tolkein and ‘To kill a mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu made an impression on me when I was a teen – it’s an amazing book because it can be applied to all aspects of work and life. Reading ‘Poland’ by James Michener made me want to listen to Chopin again and again.

It’s funny. I always assumed I would be able to do it all – have a career, run my own home and still make time for family. I was wrong. I want time with older family members. Life is so short and I don’t to live with regret because I was too busy for that. I’ve learned to organise, do my best with looking after my home and leave it at that.  That’s why I call myself the relaxed housekeeper.

My husband and I live in Khargar, Navi Mumbai. It’s lovely here and not too densely populated. We’re enjoying the space while it lasts.


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