Poems and essays published here earlier under the menu heading “The Relaxed Housekeeper and Other Stories” remain and can be accessed at this page. I now write at my new blog The Relaxed Housekeeper, and invite you to visit it.

A big THANK YOU to all of you my readers! I appreciate your support and hope you will continue to read my writings.

Piano Practise

From My Diary

  • The Free Bird – a sequel to Gonna Fly
    This is a lockdown poem, and a take off on a family phrase ‘seen to.’ It’s a phrase in my husbands family that, since marriage is also my family. As in “She can’t go out because she has to ‘see to’ her husband” meaning – do the housework and serve him his food.
  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy cat is in the building visiting anyone who’s willing to fuss or feed him or let him sit on their living room floor for just a bit. Evening sees him in full form playing dead downstairs I think it’s his idea of fun! He’s really looking for a home I wish someone would keepContinue reading “Crazy Cat”
  • Alone
    All alone without it’s mate it got left out and it was too late. One washed and hanging on the line the other still grubby but doing fine. Separate, but the next wash will get them together they keep me warm in cold, dry weather. A riddle. This is an easy one 🙂 Because togethernessContinue reading “Alone”
  • This Diwali
    I shall put on my best dress and stay at home we’ll have our family gatherings over the phone. If we need to go out, we’ll visit the shop pick up some veggies and get a short walk. It’s two zero twenty – time to be with ourselves covid-safe social distancing – let’s make sureContinue reading “This Diwali”
  • You Can Wish Me Happy Birthday
    You can wish me Happy Birthday any time of the yearyou know me well so don’t worry my dear.It really doesn’t matter how often or when we talk –share our struggles, our happy, or laugh till it hurts. Friends for so many reasons that the bond stays strongit’s been some years, yet it doesn’t seemContinue reading “You Can Wish Me Happy Birthday”
  • Wanna
    I don’t wanna be the woman behind the man,let my dreams flow down the sink as I wash the pots and pans.I don’t wanna be the woman who’s burning up inside,and sees dirt in the smile of her sisters eyes. Don’t wanna be the price that you paywhen we’re old, and I’m bitter because IContinue reading “Wanna”
  • Gonna Fly
      I’m a free bird and I’m gonna fly, To the balcony – watch the clouds roll by. Do a One-Mile-Walk till my heart feels light, Enjoy this wonderful aloneness, grateful that my family is alright. I’m a free bird and I’m gonna fly, To the balcony, with my hot cup of chai. I inviteContinue reading “Gonna Fly”
  • My Greatest Friend In Times Of Need
    My greatest friend in times of need, I talk to you, say what I please. You help me out when times get tough, you listen – never say you’ve had enough.
  • Lockdown Living
    It’s so lovely downstairs with no one there, The blissful silence and the hot summer air. A once a week visit to the grocery shop, It’s going to feel real strange when all of this stops. It’s nice at home – I can sit out in the sun, Do a one-mile-walk. It’s really fun! We’reContinue reading “Lockdown Living”
  • To Be A Better Wife, Indian Lockdown Song Lyrics
    To be a better wife, I need a husband who’s here. Here, helping at home with the chores, Sharing the work so that I can have more, Giving me time to relax just by being there. There, chopping the veggies at night, Washing the dishes that lie in the sink, Giving me time to sitContinue reading “To Be A Better Wife, Indian Lockdown Song Lyrics”
  • Keep Her Away From Autoimmune Disease
    Lookin’ heavy but feeling light, A spring in her step because she feels alright. More on her middle and less junk on her face, It drives many women crazy, this acceptance of age. That pursuit of youth, it’s a really huge business, Keeps the doctors working – fills hospitals and clinics. But chemical free isContinue reading “Keep Her Away From Autoimmune Disease”
  • Microwave Madam
    She’s new to the building and here’s what they say she has a career, and is out at work all day. Comes home late from the office, is NEVER around to chat with the women, when they all gather down. She dresses different from the stay-at-home wives they think it would be exciting to haveContinue reading “Microwave Madam”
  • A Guide To Help You Shop
    She wants a notebook when she asks for a COPY The lady at the counter gives her a packet of COFFEE! PAN PEN and PIN, they’re all pronounced like PAIN, No nothing hurts, everything is as right as rain. A ONE-PIECE is a dress – you can’t wear it to swim, A BLOUSE means aContinue reading “A Guide To Help You Shop”
  • Occupational Therapy
      If you’re feeling bored and have nothing to do, Just pray for someone to leave some shares to you! You’ll have forms to fill and submit to the bank, Affidavits, attested copies & hopefully a signature mismatch! Occupational therapy and places to go, Always something to do on the  days that go slow. WeContinue reading “Occupational Therapy”
  • A visit to Dr Google
    A laugh at some visits to the doctor years ago.
  • The stages of my life
    It used to be Baby, ‘cos they saw I was young, The one they looked after when her parents weren’t around. Then, it was Didi – the elder sister, A young adult woman without a ‘Mister’. But 2 years of marriage and that was all gone, Then I became Bhabhi, their sister-in-law! Now things have changedContinue reading “The stages of my life”
  • Freedom
      Freedom is a walk in the warmth of the sun, A fridge well stocked and dinner that’s already done. Freedom is some time with nothing to do, But have coffee or chai in the evening with you. Freedom is the right to express my opinion, That’s tied to a duty to have respect forContinue reading “Freedom”
  • Just one spoon of oil
    Just one spoon of oil ‘cos it’s good for my health, Being active and happy is my idea of wealth. We don’t suffer famine or drought, and there’s plenty. Unfortunately, it just adds layers to my belly. So just one spoon of oil when I cook my dinner, I have to make an effort toContinue reading “Just one spoon of oil”
  • The taste of freedom with our Milagrow Floor Cleaning Robot
    A decision Our old Eureka Forbes floor cleaning robot started to fall apart, and couldn’t be repaired. We invested in it years ago, but it took us a while to reorganize our home for it. So, we only started to really use it 6 months before  it died. At this time, Eureka Forbes did notContinue reading “The taste of freedom with our Milagrow Floor Cleaning Robot”
  • More on my middle
      Hey diddle diddle there’s more on my middle, I need to go down for a walk! But when there’s time and the weather is fine, I go meet my friends and we sit down and talk. It’s coffee or chai with some nice apple pie, And soon we’re on a lovely sugar high. There’sContinue reading “More on my middle”
  • Till death do us part
    Till death do us part, yes that saying is true. It certainly holds good for me, and these shoes! They were on their last legs many weeks ago, And today I’ve given in, and shown them the door. An ode a pair of shoes that I really loved and haven’t quite been able to replace.
  • Pleeease dirty the mat!
    A message to all our visitors. It’s about the floor mat that slants diagonally across our doorway during the monsoon, kept that way so everyone has to walk over it to enter our living room. Sometimes visitors see that it’s clean and try not to dirty it, trailing all dust and the wet from the rains into our home! The funniest is those who can’t bear to see it slant across the grid of our floor tiles and feel compelled to take the trouble to straighten it out! This poem is for them 🙂
  • I can sing my own song
      I can sing my own song while the music plays loud, I can sing my own song, of this I am proud. I can sign loud & clear though it might hurt your ears, Cos I’m singing a song that’s not playing! You must understand that it’s not my fault, You must understand, youContinue reading “I can sing my own song”
  • I search
      I search for the empty that lets me embrace The busy that fills me with joy. I listen for spaces For rests that give meaning, To music that plays to the mood that I’m feeling. I clear out the clutter, the stuff I don’t need That makes my home harder to run. Cos it’sContinue reading “I search”
  • “Children don’t need time”
    “Just have a baby, put your child in a creche, and continue with what you were doing before you had a baby. That’s what I did…” That’s  what a friend said to me in an effort to pressure me into having a baby! I just stared at her in total shock. I could see howContinue reading ““Children don’t need time””
  • The Mountains of Tasmania
    Mountains tall as old as time, look upon the twilight gold. Dark now, in the fading light, till moon-rise, and a sky so bright. Mountains tall. And dark. And steep. Moon – she casts her silvery gaze on soaring hills, and valleys low. Streams of shining shimmering light, and shadows dark – mysterious! She castsContinue reading “The Mountains of Tasmania”
  • So…who IS Luke Skywalker?
    My husband is in a state of shock – I did not know I could have this effect on him. It all started a couple of days ago, when I noticed an image on his computer screen. A picture of this guy Luke. I saw it and immediately asked my husband if it was LukeContinue reading “So…who IS Luke Skywalker?”
  • I get it!
    I get it! That you have important matters to talk about so you drive slowly, Focused on your cellphone conversation. And I get it that you  just don’t care That you’re slowing everyone down The vehicles behind you are switching lanes at the last minute, The drivers frustrated that they’re stuck driving at a crawlContinue reading “I get it!”
  • The colour of gold
    Gold is the colour of the help that I get, The kindness and caring that makes this busy no stress. The machines that take on some of my chores, And let me have a life that has time for more. Gold is the colour of the love of the mother, Who educates all her childrenContinue reading “The colour of gold”
  • You Know You’re 40 When
    You no longer feel like you’re just out of college. You are 20 kgs heavier than when you were 20 but you feel very slim. You will never have time to do all that you have to or want to. You are wise and you have given up trying – there’s a long long ‘To-do’Continue reading “You Know You’re 40 When”

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