Book Review : Music Teaching Made Profitable

Music teachers often start their teaching careers thinking that  knowledge of music and teaching is enough. Paying little attention to the business-side of teaching and learning about it through trial and error.

There’s a wide range of people offering teaching in the music field here in India, ranging from students with a year of study in their field, to qualified professionals. And presenting the profession of music teaching to student families with clarity make a huge difference and helps teachers reach families that will provide the right student-teacher match.

Managing the day-to-day administration of a music teaching business smoothly plays a large part in how student families see their teacher. And organizing this aspect of teaching leaves teachers with time and space to focus on the musical and pedagogical aspects of their career.

Wendy is the founder and director of Music School Success, a business that coaches music teachers to turn their passion into their own profitable venture and three decades of experience in teaching music at different levels – private music lessons, running her own music teaching businesses, teaching in schools and directing choirs, string orchestras, concert bands and more.

Her book is full of ideas that will help teachers understand and organize the business side of music teaching. Teachers of different scales, ranging from small teaching studios to large music schools, will find this book interesting. It ends with a reading and listening list of creative and informative resources. Click here for an overview of the contents or to download a sample.

Music Teaching Made Profitable by Wendy Brentnall-Wood is a book that every music teacher will want to read, and I’d list it as compulsory reading for all beginner teachers. It’s a wonderful book and I’d like my piano students who wish to enter the music teaching profession, to read it.

Music Teaching Made Profitable is available in India here.

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