Do you ever?

Do you ever,

Leave your house without your phone,

Call up somebody who lives alone?

Feel grateful for the friend who was there through the sad,

Let your maid have a day off when her back is bad?

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Dear India, Please pray.

Please pray for our leaders to walk in the light,

Whether they do on their own, or because they’re forced to – either is alright.

Pray for us all, that we can be the pressure,

That we hold on to our values, and let honesty be our measure. Continue reading Dear India, Please pray.

Respect and Effective Learning in Piano Class

Would you study Geography to prepare for History paper?

This is exactly what a couple of my students did, and the parents were upset. Really upset! That their child was so irresponsible and did not take the trouble to check what was scheduled before revising.

Something similar happens frequently with piano practise at home and piano parents often don’t understand the subject. So they think things are going well, when they might not be.

Students sometimes spend quite a bit of time at the piano experimenting with new stuff, or playing through pieces they enjoy. This is wonderful as it means the student it exploring and enjoying the instrument and this is necessary. Continue reading Respect and Effective Learning in Piano Class

Not Wonderwoman.

The world will not end if we put up our feet,

For 20 minutes each day.

The world will not end if we eat left overs,

More than once in a way.

The world will not end if we go meet our friends,

And we’re not there to serve you your lunch.

It’s these breaks we take and the time we make,

That help us get time before it’s too late. Continue reading Not Wonderwoman.