Freedom is a walk in the warmth of the sun,

A fridge well stocked and dinner that’s already done.

Freedom is some time with nothing to do,

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Change the woman, to change the man

I visit my friend and she’s at the table,

Feeding her son who is perfectly able,

To eat on his own. He’s almost a teen!

I wonder why it is that she just can’t see.

With a spoon in her hand and love in her heart,

This is her way of bringing him up.

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I loved you

I loved you, so I never said no.

I wanted you to have order in your life,
So I cleaned up after you.

Now, you’re growing up and I can’t face the tantrums.

You don’t have the ability to take the knocks that life will give you,
And you don’t have the independence you need to stand up on your own.
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