8 Tips To Help You Live Comfortably Without A Maid

The times without a maid have always been a struggle for me, until recently. We made a lot of changes at home, and I reorganised my workflow, trying different ways, until I found something that works.

So, here’s 8 tips to help you live comfortably without a maid.

DIY : Plastic free garbage bags from newspaper

I tried kitchen waste composting at home for a year and gave up, when I realised my time composting was better spent changing our purchasing patterns so we buy grocery items loose, without plastic. This is a little effort, because dry fruits, grains, fruit and vegetable of a good quality often aren’t available at theContinue reading “DIY : Plastic free garbage bags from newspaper”

Review : Learning patience with Godrej Interio

An overhead unit that wouldn’t close, Good customer service, but really slow. Six months to deliver and install a new door, When will they take the old one back? Two weeks right now, and I still don’t know. The review below is based on our experience with our Godrej Interio cupboards, and purchasing an overheadContinue reading “Review : Learning patience with Godrej Interio”

The taste of freedom with our Milagrow Floor Cleaning Robot

We chose to buy the Milagrow for two reasons.

One, it had a budget friendly model which seemed to be good enough for our needs.

And two, it had a service centre in Mumbai, unlike the Roomba, where the nearest service centre at that time, was in Bangalore.

We purchased our Milagrow Aguabot 7.0 Cashmere for about Rs25000/- under an Independence Day discount offer in August 2018 and it set us free from the routine of daily cleaning. A review . . .

A tale of two families

Husband No 1 : Nothing to do, nothing to do! My poor dear wife has nothing to do! I come home from work and the house is so clean, She’s sitting around reading a magazine! The food is all cooked and our ironing is done. She looks like her day’s been a lot of fun.