A Wonderful Woman

She’s a wonderful woman – that’s all I can say, Let’s us make our mistakes and find our own way. No protests when we make our housework easy, With routines and ideas that would drive her crazy. She teaches us her wisdom when we’re sinking or stuck, And we bring some change when she’s gottenContinue reading “A Wonderful Woman”

For God’s sake don’t argue, just spend

For God’s sake don’t argue, just spend! Don’t drive your family round the bend. Take a rickshaw or take a cab. Is the saving worth driving your children mad? Standards of living are changing, But the footpaths have many potholes and breaks. Walking alone can be risky, And your children will happily pay. For aContinue reading “For God’s sake don’t argue, just spend”

A space where we both have our say

I want to do for you as you did for your mother, But we both want to do it our way. With love and respect for each other, And space where we both have our say. You did without reservation, Without care for yourself – space to grow. It was the way for some ofContinue reading “A space where we both have our say”