Will I vote?

Should I vote for you or should I vote for your brother,

The one who will guide you when darkness takes over.

Or, should I vote for the winner, support the fair weather friend,

Who will swing different ways, depending upon who wins. Continue reading Will I vote?

The local bus

Have any of you travelled by the NNMT buses here in Navi Mumbai? They’re surprisingly reliable, and have very comfortable benches, unlike the air-conditioned buses which have the most uncomfortable chairs. And all that noise and rattling can be pretty relaxing!

Here’s a poem for those of you who have stopped travelling by bus. Hope it brings back good memories. Continue reading The local bus

The colours

A poem about rainbows, and about holding onto dreams.


86 pencils-452238_640


I am the colours that come from the light,

The colours that change so that dreams can take flight.

The colours that are calm and the ones that are not.

That change each season, that stay the same for no reason.


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The temple inside

We take it with us wherever we go,

That temple inside that helps us connect with our soul.
We don’t really need fancy buildings to worship,
Or an outwardly show of this private relationship. Continue reading The temple inside

Just one spoon of oil

Just one spoon of oil ‘cos it’s good for my health,

Being active and happy is my idea of wealth.

We don’t suffer famine or drought, and there’s plenty.

Unfortunately, it just adds layers to my belly. Continue reading Just one spoon of oil

Change the woman, to change the man

I visit my friend and she’s at the table,

Feeding her son who is perfectly able,

To eat on his own. He’s almost a teen!

I wonder why it is that she just can’t see.

With a spoon in her hand and love in her heart,

This is her way of bringing him up.

79 cereal-167228_1280 Continue reading Change the woman, to change the man