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Videos from Piano At Home 3

Piano At Home 3 is our third online piano concert held on July 25th, 2021.

Click here if you’d like to view the concert on YouTube

The Latest ‘Piano At Home’ Concert

Student Spotlight May 2021

It gives me great pleasure to feature a student spotlight this May of 2021.

This student loves playing fast pieces and also enjoys playing softly. He likes taking on challenges that take him out of his comfort zone and was one of the winners of the ‘Play-so-slow-that-you-put-your-teacher-to-sleep Challenge’ at Anitaelise Piano Studio in February 2021.

He plays on an acoustic piano at his family home nearby and has a 5 octave keyboard at home. All lockdown performances are taken at his keyboard.

Here’s the playlist of five pieces he prepared to achieve this spotlight.

Student Spotlight May 2021

‘Piano At Home’ is live online piano concert series started post lockdown. We’ve had two concerts in 2020 and are planning another next year. The live performances of my students introducing their pieces and performing are not circulated publicly because of my channel privacy policy, but you will see pre-recorded performances of their pieces here.

Piano At Home Concert Highlights

Piano class recordings
Rehearsals for MLU 13 in 2018
Rehearsals for MLU 13 in 2018
Rehearsals for MLU 13 in 2018
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