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Student Spotlight of December 2021

This older teen is an independent learner and likes to learn at an easy pace. She’s earned a Student Spotlight in December of 2021, by completing a set of 5 recorded performances in one sitting.

It’s her first step up to a faster pace of learning and she’s hoping to do her first piano examination next year. She wants to learn chord-based hymn playing, and her new level of commitment to daily practise will help her achieve that in 2022.

Here’s the playlist with all five pieces my student prepared to achieve this spotlight.

Student Spotlight May 2021

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‘Piano At Home’ is live online piano concert series started after the 2020 lockdown. We’ve had two concerts in 2020 and in 2021. Live student performances are not circulated publicly because of my channel privacy policy, but you will see pre-recorded performances and rehearsals here.

‘Piano At Home 4’ took place on December 19, 2021. Please click here if you’d like to to view ‘Piano At Home 4 Rehearsals’ on YouTube.

From Piano At Home 4 – Rehearsals

This young pre-teen student practises very regularly and attends lessons with new pieces already tried out. He’s studying for his first piano examination which will be online, sometime in 2022.

He is out of the city on a long family visit and has organized a practise instrument so he can continue his piano lessons. His lessons are always exciting, because he learns at a steady pace and gets LOTS done.

Highlights of earlier ‘Piano At Home Concerts

Piano At Home Concert Highlights

Piano class recordings
Rehearsals for MLU 13 in 2018
Rehearsals for MLU 13 in 2018
Rehearsals for MLU 13 in 2018
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