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Welcome to Anitaelise Piano Studio!

I started teaching piano lessons in Andheri West, Mumbai in 2001. In 2010, we moved to Kharghar, Navi Mumbai and I shifted my teaching in Mumbai to Bandra West, and simultaneously started teaching part-time in Kharghar. I’ve been teaching full-time in Kharghar since 2015.

I teach western classical piano music using method books and a variety of classical repertoire, and also teach other genres like jazz, pop, sacred music and any other kind of music that students wish to learn. My students have appeared for piano examinations up to Grade 8 level so far and I teach students who enjoy examinations, as well as those who wish to learn without them.

Students learning with me get lessons in good piano posture and playing technique from the very first lesson. My students learn music theory and sight-reading, as well as aural & rhythmic skills needed for music comprehension. This helps them learn pieces independently at all ages and playing levels.

Lesson are planned differently for each student, and all students have the flexibility to choose their own goals, the pace and style of learning and the genre that they wish to learn.

Young children have movement and activities that teach concepts – both in In-Studio and Online lesson formats.

Fun Mondays! – Group Sight-Reading Lessons are conducted on Mondays and are offered free to students enrolled in Solo and Partner Lessons. I encourage all my students to participate, and use these group sessions as an opportunity to meet each other and feel a sense of community at this time when social contact is minimal.

I love teaching the piano and am a piano teacher and an educator. And also, a lifelong piano student.

Anita E Kohli

Lockdown Notice :

All In-Studio  Lessons have moved to Online Lessons since the lockdown that started in March 2020. I will resume teaching In-Studio  when it is completely safe to do so.

At that point, all my students may choose to go back to the lesson formats that were available pre-lockdown, or stay with the current lesson format.

The Lesson Structure :

  • All piano lessons are conducted online at present, due to the need for social distancing. Students have three options:
    • Solo Lessons (one student) + Recorded Assignments.
    • Partner Lessons (two students) + Recorded Assignments.
    • Partner Lessons (two students) without Recorded Assignments.
  • Lesson Duration:
    • The duration of Solo and Partner Lessons varies with the students age and playing levels.
    • Reviewing Recorded Assignments takes me 15 to 20 minutes per student depending on the student’s playing level.
  • Recorded Assignments are short video or audio recordings of  selected practise assignments and are due each week, one day before the lesson day.
  • Lesson Frequency: Students get one lesson each week on the allotted day and time slot between the 1st to the 28th of each month, except for:
    • Specified Public Holidays as per the list provided.
    • 2 / 3 Weeks Teacher Leave in the year for a week at a time.
    • May 23rd to 31st and December 22nd to 1st January.
  • Class is generally closed on the 29th to 31st of each month except where these dates  are used to make up lessons when there are too many public holidays or when extra lessons are needed for piano examinations and concerts.
  • Scroll down for the Holiday List 2021. And also for the Extra Month End Teaching Days 2021 (dates 29th, 30th & 31st) which are noted below after they have been opened up for lessons.
  • Lessons missed by the student will not be made up:
    • Students are encouraged to opt for an Audio/Video Lesson, instead of missing their lesson.
    • Flex Lessons  and the Free Group Lessons on Fun Mondays! also serve as an advance Make-Up for missed lessons.
  • Each student gets 3 paid lessons in a month plus Free ‘Flex’ Lessons.
  • Free ‘Flex’ Lessons are extra lessons offered over and above the students paid lessons. They are offered during my teaching days mentioned above, at the students regular lesson day and time slot.
  • Students enrolled for 6 complete months or more get a Free Last Month of Lessons – after the month they give notice they’re stopping lessons. This is to summarize important points in their learning and help them move on to the next phase in their journey with piano playing. 
  • The above teaching terms have a purpose:
    • Fixed working hours, which give me time to study regularly and keep improving my knowledge, and the quality of my teaching.
    • Easier scheduling and holiday planning for my student families, as all lessons are provided during my teaching days, at the students regular lesson day and time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Piano Lessons

Click here for a link to  the FAQ’s. Or read on for other information on piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio.

Privacy Policy

Student recordings and any student information is confidential, as it is strictly for teaching purposes and will not be made public.

Students may, if they wish, submit videos to be posted publicly on my blog or YouTube channel or any other social media platform as follows:

  1. They will record these videos separately, hands only or with a profile view that conceals their faces.
  2. The names and identity of all students will be kept private.
  3. These videos or recordings will be permanently added to my channel and will stay there for as long as I keep them there.
  4. These rules apply to all videos as well as YouTube Concerts at Anitaelise Piano Studio.

Students participating in public events hosted by other organizers will submit their details, photographs and recordings for these events with the understanding that these will be shared publicly as per event rules.

Students are not given recording access or permission to record during any lessons whether online or in-studio. Please talk to me at the start of your lesson if you are likely to need me to record sections of your lesson to help you practise.

Audio/Video Lessons

Audio/Video Lessons are due one day before the lesson day. They are different from Recorded Assignments as they include ALL homework:

  1. Practise Recorded Assignments.
  2. Performance of all other work.
  3. Images of theory and written assignments if any.

I assess all work submitted as I would the weekly Recorded Assignments, and then use the lesson time to record teaching videos or write any teaching notes if needed. These are sent to my students along with their Assignment Sheet.

Piano exams

  1. Examinations are optional and students may choose to study with or without them.
  2. Students may choose to appear for piano exams through Trinity College London, ABRSM or LCM. Online examinations are now an option.
  3. Students will appear for examinations as students of Anitaelise Piano Studio only.
  4. Any holiday plans between payment of examination fees and the exam date need to be discussed with me before fee payment.
  5. Students will need regular practise and attendance to be well prepared for their piano examinations.
  6. Students will be assessed prior to paying their examination fees, as well as a month before the examination, so they have an idea of their readiness for the examination.

Public Performances

Please remember that what sounds wonderful to a student may be just ‘barely ready’ with a lot of rough edges that need to be sorted out with further practise. Students will therefore need my approval before they participate in any music events or public performances.

Some Rules, Guidelines and Information

  1. Holiday List 2021: 
    • Friday Jan 1st New Year.
    • Tuesday Jan 26th Republic Day.
    • Monday Mar 26 Holi.
    • Friday April 2 Good Friday.
    • Saturday May 1 Maharashtra Day.
    • Friday Sep10 Ganesh Chaturthi.
    • Saturday Oct2 Gandhi Jayanthi.
    • Friday Oct 15 Dussehra.
    • Thursday Nov 4 Diwali – Laxmi Puja.
    • Friday Nov 5 Diwali – Govardhan Puja.
    • Saturday Nov 6 Diwali – Bhau Bij. 
    • Leave – Wednesday April 14 to Saturday April 17.
  2. Extra Month End Teaching Days 2021 – Day 29,30,31 – are updated here as they are opened up for lessons.
    • Wednesday.
    • Thursday.
    • Friday Jan 29.
    • Saturday Jan 30.
  3. Practising daily at home is not negotiable. Goals will be set jointly with students, keeping in mind what they want to learn, and the preferred pace. Students who cannot practise will be asked to take a break and return when they can practise.
  4. My teaching policies help me work without stress and help me plan my schedule in advance. This helps me study, practise and work on lesson plans, so that I give my best to each student.
  5. For In-Studio Lessons:
    • Students will use the teaching premises and pianos with care, as instructed.
    • Food, water and sticky hands need to be kept away from the piano and any equipment or furniture.
    • Children are not allowed to walk over the furniture.
    • Playing on the floor is good, and I always have toys lying around for young children.
    • Students need to remain in the teaching room, unless they need to use the washroom. The rest of my home is private and students are not allowed to explore it.
    • Please use mild deodorants and perfumes when you visit, and refrain from spraying your clothes with these products as I am allergic to strong perfumes.
    • All minors will be picked up or dropped for class by a family member or any person authorized, who has been introduced to me, and who leaves after I have opened the door and let the child in.
    • Students need arrive and leave on time. For occasional late pick-ups, please leave without disturbing the lesson of the next student.
  6. For On-Line Lessons:
    1. Please set-up in advance and check your set-up. My post A Student’s Guide To Online Piano Lessons will help new students with this.
    2. Video/Audio Lessons will replace online lessons when lessons cannot be done online due to internet or power issues. Both Flex Lessons and Free Group Lessons on Fun Mondays! function as make-ups for occasional disruptions in network or power.
  7. I reserve the right to stop lessons immediately for any reason I think fit and in this case, will refund fees for lessons I do not teach if they have been paid for. The above refund does not apply to when students miss lessons – please see Fees and Due Dates below for this.

Teaching and Phone Call Timings

  1. Teaching Timings:
    • Free Group Lessons every Monday:
      • Children 6.00pm – 30 minutes.
      • Teens 6.30pm – 45 minutes.
      • Adults 7.15pm – 45 minutes.
    • Solo and Partner Lessons as per time slots allotted to students:
      • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 6.00pm to 8.30pm.
      • Saturdays from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.
  2. Phone Call Timings:
    • Weekdays 10.30am to 5.30pm and Saturdays 11.00am to 12.30pm.
    • The best time to call me is between 2pm to 4pm on weekdays.
  3. Please call for urgent communications.

What You Pay For

Fees cover the costs of your Online or Video or In-Studio Piano Lessons, as well as a Review of Recorded Assignments (15 to 20 minutes per student) where it is part of the lesson. They also cover the cost of some books, as listed below.

Books, Permissions and Copyright

The books used for piano lessons will be chosen based on the students choice of genre, learning style and goals, keeping in mind the method or series that provides better learning and music comprehension. 

  1. For students living in Navi Mumbai:
    • Fees cover the cost of the books mentioned below, if the student provides a mailing address.
      • The Lesson and Theory Method Book.
      • Specified Classical Repertoire Books.
      • Digital Studio Licensed Music that is licensed to me with permission to distribute to my students for use in my piano lessons, either as a printed book, or in digital form.
    • Fees do not cover the following books:
      • Sight-reading and song books.
      • Books and material needed for examinations.
  2. For students living anywhere other than Navi Mumbai, or Navi Mumbai students who don’t provide a mailing address.
    • Fees cover the cost of Digital Studio Licensed Music that is licensed to me with permission to distribute to my students for use in my piano lessons, in digital form only.
    • Fees do not cover any books except for the above.
  3. Fees also do not cover the following:
    • Workshops and concerts at an external venue, whether organized by me or anyone else.
    • HW books – an A4 sized 100-page lined exercise book for notes.
    • Music manuscripts, except for a free manuscript paper printable. 
  4. Digital music the students receive from me, whether via courier or email, is licensed for use by my students only, and for the duration of learning with me only.
  5. Lessons will be conducted using books and material that are legal, and the use of unlicensed photocopies is not allowed. 
  6. Making copies and circulating any books or materials provided, or using it for any purpose other than mentioned above, violates the terms under which it has been given. Thank you for respecting these terms and helping composers earn a living.
  7. BOOK EXCHANGE – Students may exchange used books which are in good condition with each other, so they have access to more sight-reading. The cost of the courier will be paid by the senders and books once exchanged will remain with the receivers. Message me an image of the cover page of a book you’d like to exchange, and I’ll arrange this where possible.

Fees and Due Dates

  1. A Registration Fee is payable on enrolment. It covers guidance on posture, set-up for online lessons and recording practise at home, and some teaching so you can practise for your first lesson. It is applicable to all enrolments, including ex-students resuming after a break from lessons.
  2. Lesson Fees are Quarterly Fees payable for 3 months at a time. 
  3. Fees for students enrolling mid-quarter are calculated pro-rata, for the number of months left in the quarter.
  4. Examination Fees for students doing examinations with Trinity College London, ABRSM or any other external board, are as per their fee list. 
  5. All fees and payments received are Non-Refundable.
  6. Fees are due in advance on the 10th of the month before the period they pertain to. Fees remaining unpaid 5 days later, after the 15th will have an additional Late Fee, to cover the time I spend on extra administration work for late payments.
  7. Fee payments are accepted via NEFT only.
  8. Receipts: A receipt message is sent to each student on the day of receipt – via SMS or WhatsApp. A receipt is also included in the students weekly ‘Notices & HW Sheet’ – a PDF file that is sent to each student at the end of the lesson day.

Booking Lessons

  1. Lessons are booked by paying fees.
  2. Fee payment is understood to be your consent to the terms and conditions on this page.

How to enroll in piano class

  1. Click here to send me a message.
  2. Remember to add your contact details.
  3. Give me a brief idea of your age, current occupation, what you want to learn  and any music qualifications or knowledge you already have. This helps me know what kind of class to offer you.
  4. You will need to meet me in-person or on a video call for an interview where we will talk about what you want to learn. I will explain the class and the fee structure at the interview.
  5. The class slot you have selected will be reserved for you after you book it by paying your fees.

Piano teaching is my profession as well as my hobby. I enjoy helping my students work towards their goals – whether it’s learning for relaxation or learning for achievement, exams and performances.

Would you like to know more? If so, please scroll up to the menu and take a look at my piano teaching blog. Or contact me for more information.

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