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Welcome to my piano teaching studio!

I’ve been teaching in Mumbai since 2001. In Andheri & Bandra West, as well as in Khargar, Navi Mumbai. We moved to Khargar in 2010 and I’ve been teaching here full-time since 2015.

  • Different styles of learning : My piano students learn to read written music notation and study music theory. Lessons include rhythm exercises and singing. Some lessons have a ‘no book’ approach so that students learn by listening and copying (learning by rote). These different styles of learning help my students get a better understanding of music.
  • Music from different genres : I teach western classical piano music as well as hymns, pop and jazz, using a combination of traditional piano method books & books from the genre the student wishes to learn. My young students have fun with off-the-piano-bench activities, while I enjoy these activities because they have educational value.
  • Benefits of one-on-one teaching : My students get individual attention and the lesson plan is flexible and is adapted to the students learning style.
  • Benefits of group lessons : All students get free group lessons with rhythm exercises, student performances and duet playing. Group lessons are fun and they help my students stay excited about playing the piano. I’m working towards getting my students performing for their parents and friends at 20 minute ‘Coffee Concerts’ this year.

I love teaching the piano! It’s wonderful to see my students grow in music and to see the personality growth that results from all that goes into learning the piano. I’m a piano teacher & educator, and am also a lifelong student.

Anita E Kohli,

B. Com, PGDBA (Indo-German Training Centre), ATCL Piano

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