Lockdown Courses

Group Piano Lessons that go at an easy pace are now available.

These Group Piano Lessons suit students who want a hobby with very light daily practise and are happy to learn at a slower pace as compared to the Solo Piano Lessons listed at my ‘Piano Lessons’ page. I hope they bring the joy of music to a wider audience and make this time of social isolation enjoyable. All course timings are in Indian Standard Time.

All students will need 10 minutes of practise 5 days each week. The practise instrument at their home may be a piano or a standard-size 5 octave keyboard with 61 keys, with a suitable bench. Keyboard students will need an X-Type keyboard stand (single X and not double X as the double X sometimes blocks leg space and affects posture).

An easy beginner course for senior citizens, adults, older college going teens, and children age 10 to 15 with parent support for online learning.
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