Start to explode?

The roads there for walking, the streets are for parking,

The footpaths where we sell our wares.

The junction is where we stop to chat,

Though the signal is green and we’re causing a jam.


We’re desperately eager to eat at the cart,

On the road mid the smoke from the bikes and cars,

We give our kids soft-drinks and call it juice,

We want sugar, and fat, and colour in our food.


We drive on the wrong side of the road,

‘Cos to follow the rules would be a  great load!


We walk on the inner side of the path,

With our kids on the outside. We’re as happy as larks!


We don’t stress the small stuff, we let it grow,

Till it’s heavy and big and things start to explode.

You’ve either got to laugh at the Navi Mumbaikar, or have a good cry 🙂

A tale of two families

Husband No 1 :

Nothing to do, nothing to do!

My poor dear wife has nothing to do!

I come home from work and the house is so clean,

She’s sitting around reading a magazine!

The food is all cooked and our ironing is done.

She looks like her day’s been a lot of fun.

She has nothing to do ‘cos housework is easy,

She nags! Maybe, she needs some occupational therapy.

So I sit down and ask her to get me some water,

To bring me my kindle and the newspaper.

I sit down and wait while she serves dinner,

A little bit of work helps her keep her figure.


Husband No 2 :

Too much to do, too much to do!

My poor dear wife has too much to do!

I come home from work and she’s running around

The dinner’s on the stove and her work is not done,

The home and the family take all her time,

Her life is too busy, she needs to have fun!

I walk in and get a drink of water, then help her bring dinner to the table.

My wife needs a break cos there’s too much to do,

So I help her at home when I’m able.


Wife No 1 :

Too much to do? Too much to do?

My dear friend really has too much to do?

Nothings done ‘cos she works at a comfortable pace.

She takes the breaks that she needs.

I envy her style, how she does with a smile.

The help that she gets makes me burn up inside,

I do so much more but it’s always a chore.

I wish I had time, but there’s too much to do,

and there’s no-one at home who helps me.


Wife No 2 :

Too much to do, too much to do!

My dear friend really has too much to do!

She doesn’t know when to take a break,

and thinks it’s a sign that she’s really great!

She’s stressed all the time and she takes so much trouble,

But what is it worth, if she’s always nagging?


Child of Couple No 2 :

Too much to do, too much to do!

My poor dear mother has too much to do!


Child of Couple No 1 :

Nothing to do, nothing to do!

My poor dear mother has nothing to do!

I better find something for her to do.


It’s funny watching women who have totally different styles of managing their home. It has such an impact on the attitudes of their families and the appreciation they get for their work.

This play in a poem is fictional. It’s a lighter look at two stay-at-home women who have very different styles of managing their homes. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Pleeease dirty the mat!

A message to all our visitors. It’s about the floor mat that slants diagonally across our doorway during the monsoon, kept that way so everyone has to walk over it to enter our living room.

Sometimes visitors see that it’s clean and try not to dirty it, trailing all dust and the wet from the rains into our home! The funniest is those who can’t bear to see it slant across the grid of our floor tiles and feel compelled to take the trouble to straighten it out!

This poem is for them 🙂

You can step on the mat that lies across my floor.

Wipe your feet as you enter the door.

Don’t try to save me the washing,

‘Cos all it does is increase my mopping. Continue reading

How would our husband’s feel….?

We women of today are really quite reserved. I’ve come to this realisation after I heard Violetta express her love for Alfredo in one of my favourite scenes from La Traviata, Amami Alfredo.

The last time many of us spoke with such feeling to our families

. . . was probably the time we had had enough – and decided that clothes left on the floor would be ‘left’ there. We would not pick them up & put them in the wash like our mothers did, but would leave them be. Until our family came to their senses and put them in their proper place – in the washing machine or the dirty clothes basket!

And I wonder, do we need to listen to Violetta and learn?

How would our husband’s feel, if after all these years of being married, we wives declared our love for them with such passion. Would they be thrilled, or would they rush us off to the nearest doctor, thinking we had a severe stomach ache…..??

4 reasons why your family’s lucky if you’re a lousy cook

Some of my women friends are stuck. They’re amazing cooks & they were just so good at it, that other family members stopped taking turns with cooking. They loved cooking & took pains to cater to differing tastes, by cooking a wide variety of dishes at every meal.

It’s hitting them hard as they get older & their priorities change. They want time to spend with their extended family & often struggle to get time to meet up with their friends. Because running their home, looking after older family members & producing fabulous meals daily takes all the time they have.

They’re talking about it when we meet & realising that their being so good at cooking has made their family fussy. They now want to unlearn their amazing cooking skills & learn from women with cooking skills like mine!

If you are like me, and your cooking skills range from lousy on a bad day, to basic on a good one, don’t feel bad. Here’s 4 reasons why your family is lucky :

  • No one will be terribly overweight, because they’re not likely to overeat.
  • Everyone will learn the true meaning of the first line of Serenity Prayer “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” Your family will eventually learn to eat the few things you can cook that are edible. After many years, they’ll have gone so used to your cooking, that they’ll have lowered their standards and  will even insist that you’re the most amazing cook!
  • A lot more gets done at home, because you have the time. Because you can cook what you find easy, because there will be no special requests – for snacks, deserts or just about anything else…if dal (pulses), sabji (veggies) & a couple of chicken dishes are all you can cook that’s edible, everyone will be thrilled to eat it everyday!
  • You’re always smiling when you have guests over – because you can enjoy spending time with them. Everyone will be really thrilled if you don’t put yourself out to cook for them and will even try to hint broadly saying “Don’t worry to cook dear, let’s all go out for lunch, or order in. We know you’re busy and will just be tired if you have to do a lot of cooking!”


I’m saying no to the requests I’ve had for cooking classes.  The truth is, all I have to do is ‘try’ to cook well and that’s enough for things to go terrible wrong….so I don’t think I can teach it. It’s just a natural talent!


So…who IS Luke Skywalker?

My husband is in a state of shock – i did not know i could do this to him. It all started a couple of days ago, when i walked in and saw a picture on the computer screen.

A picture of this guy Luke. I saw it and immediately asked my husband if it was Luke Skywalker and he said it was. It’s funny, cos i just knew the name Luke Skywalker, but could not remember who he actually was. So, i thought for a moment and then it hit me. I said  ‘It’s the Phantom isn’t it?’

My husband just looked at me blankly, so i elaborated ‘You know, the guy from the comic strip … The Ghost who walks?’

His blank look turned to shock and he just stared at me and i realised i’d got it wrong. After a moment of thought, it struck me that maybe Luke Skywalker is a character from ‘Star Wars’ and that he was the guy who turned into Darth Vader. I asked him if i’d got it right.

Shock turned into stunned disbelief!!

He’s had a couple of days to think and now realises he’s been married for over 15 years to a woman who does not know who Luke Skywalker is!!


You know you’re 40 when :

  1. You no longer feel like you’re just out of college

  2. You are 20 kgs heavier than when you were 20 but you feel very slim

  3. You will never have time to do all that you have to or want to

  4. You are wise and you have given up trying – there’s a long long ‘To-do’ list which will never go away

  5. The Loreal representative at the local mall tries to get you to buy more natural looking hair dye – even though you don’t dye your hair

  6. Even the Bhaji-walla who used to call you Baby, then Didi, then Bhabhi, now calls you Auntie


For the non-Indian:

The Bhaji-walla is the vegetable vendor

They call all children Baba(boys) or Baby(girls), all young women Didi (elder sister), the not so young women Bhabhi(sister-in-law) and Auntie is just one step away from Nani – which means grandmother – a title you get when you look like, or are a senior citizen.