Piano Technique Concerns with Beginner Students

Many beginner level piano students struggle to learn and find playing difficult, because they play the piano with poor technique. Beginner level piano students need to have some basic understanding of the purpose of good piano technique. This helps them understand when it’s time to take their difficulties to their piano teacher.

Here’s a post that, I hope, explains all of this, in brief.

Remedial teaching in piano lessons

Piano teachers today often need to combine piano teaching with special education skills in order to get across to students that have different learning needs. Students who appear to be slow at first, often develop into creative students with ideas of their own. After some time, they come to class with questions.

What young beginners learn in piano class

“Playing the piano has changed the way I think. I can’t really identify the difference, but I can feel it in the way I get things done.”

I get feedback similar to this from parents of young children after a year or two of piano class.

A quick easy fix for focus issues

These children come to piano class and learn the theory and technique that’s necessary to play a piece. Then the piece starts to sound good to them as it’s kind of put together from beginning to end. So, they then start to practise by repetition, mind shut to such an extent, that they have totally forgotten the theory and technique (though they play correctly). They’re totally blank and can’t answer basic theory questions. They can’t even recall what was taught earlier – even simple basic stuff.

Aiming low = reaching high?

 The tried and tested path to success “Aim higher than you want to reach. You may miss your target, but you will still reach your original goal” This way of thinking has worked very well for me and many of my  piano students who wanted sucess easy. Who wanted to do just barely enough thatContinue reading “Aiming low = reaching high?”

Preschool piano teaching with WunderKeys

WunderKeys is a Preschool Piano Program for children between 3 to 5 years of age. It gets  children familiar with the piano keyboard, and helps them to develop skills they will need later, when they complete the course and move on to a beginner piano method book.   My first experience with WunderKeys I startedContinue reading “Preschool piano teaching with WunderKeys”

Parent education during piano class

Why I spend 15 minutes of piano class talking to new piano parents It’s sometime now, since I’ve been doing this with parents of my young beginners. Parents sit in on class or I talk to them on the phone during class, so their child is aware of what we discuss. We talk about :Continue reading “Parent education during piano class”

When focus is a problem in piano class

A brief glimpse of the teacher’s struggle The piano teacher points to a note and asks the student to name it. The student answers wrong repeatedly. When this child is asked to point out the note he/she is talking about, it becomes clear that the student know his/her stuff, but is just not able toContinue reading “When focus is a problem in piano class”

Teaching parents the value of struggle – and how it’s helping

When parent support turns into spoon-feeding Young beginner level piano students need their parents to be involved, So they practise daily Read their homework book, understand, and following instructions. Develop independence as they grow older and learn to practise on their own. Unfortunately, parents often use this time to show their child what is correct,Continue reading “Teaching parents the value of struggle – and how it’s helping”

Coping with the overscheduled child in piano class

This child may grow to be an 8 year old, who has difficulty answering a question, if it differs from what he/she is thinking about….. often does not listen to what is being asked….. memorises very quickly and does everything by rote.