Till death do us part

Till death do us part, yes that saying is true. It certainly holds good for me, and these shoes! They were on their last legs many weeks ago, And today I’ve given in, and shown them the door. An ode to my lovely pink shoes. I haven’t been able to get the exact same fit … Continue reading

Respect and Effective Learning in Piano Class

While many parents were happy to take the time to understand what was going on in piano lessons, there were quite a few who weren’t. 

I learned that educating parents was the secret to progress. Quite a challenge even with those that were interested, and a lost effort with those that weren’t.

There were two major difficulties I faced when teaching in this market which is new to the kind of piano teaching teachers like me do. . . Continue reading

The game

I don’t know you so I pass you by,

When I walk past every day.

You start to wish me, with a smile in your eyes,

And I think that you’re friendly and it’s a nice surprise! Continue reading

Not Wonderwoman.

The world will not end if we put up our feet, For 20 minutes each day. The world will not end if we eat left overs, More than once in a way. The world will not end if we go meet our friends, And we’re not there to serve you your lunch. It’s these breaks … Continue reading

The pot-stirrer

I wrote this poem in a week that had me thinking about a culture where there’s space for diversity.  

With admiration and respect for the many pot-stirrers that I know. Some stir by design and some by chance.

They get splattered and occasionally get burned, deal with it gracefully and keep going on doing what they do – making a positive difference. Continue reading

Pleeease dirty the mat!

A message to all our visitors. It’s about the floor mat that slants diagonally across our doorway during the monsoon, kept that way so everyone has to walk over it to enter our living room.

Sometimes visitors see that it’s clean and try not to dirty it, trailing all dust and the wet from the rains into our home! The funniest is those who can’t bear to see it slant across the grid of our floor tiles and feel compelled to take the trouble to straighten it out!

This poem is for them 🙂 Continue reading

The Illusion Of Education – literacy in rural India

Originally posted on Un-Travesty.:
What if I tell you that India has the world’s largest youth population? What if I also tell you that less than half of our students in class 8th can solve a class four division problem and barely 47% of children in grade 5 can read a grade 2 level text? Our…