Freedom is the right to express my opinion,

That’s tied to a duty to have respect for your feelings.

Freedom is the quiet that sings thought the noise,

And the happiness I feel when I hear your voice. Continue reading


Men-Oh-Pause, give your wives a break,

Don’t get up and leave them to wash up the plates.

They’re on their feet before every meal,

Cooking and washing and keeping the home clean. Continue reading

Will I vote?

I may not be able to vote, but I have a voice,

And I will use it to ask others to make a careful choice.

Stand for the one who strengthens our institutions,

Who can act quickly, and respect the role of the opposition. Continue reading

The local bus

Fifty percent still working,

Running on hope and on faith.

Parts falling off but still running.

The support system that takes us from place to place. Continue reading

2018 – Our Year to Make Space

My husband and I made a decision to down size our stuff, in an effort to make space in our lives. In this post, I talk about our decision, our goals and the 6 things that helped us with them.

I just have to write about this, because it’s changed the quality of our lives and given me time to get out and get some sun. Continue reading

The colours

I am the colours that come from the light, The colours that change so that dreams can take flight.