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Rhythm 4 All

Rhythm 4 AllAn Online Group Rhythm Course

  • Once a week group lessons with 3 to 8 students per batch.
  • 3 Lessons each month in Week 1, 2 and 3 of the month. If any one of these is a public holiday, the lesson will be shifted to Week4.
  • Batches on Monday evening from 4 pm onwards, for all ages from 6 to 96.
  • Short duration courses last 3 months. Students who wish to learn more complex rhythm skills will need to stay enrolled for 6 to 9 months.

The course will cover reading and tapping rhythm with Rhythm Cups Explorations by Wendy Stevens.

Please read Building Community With Monday Meet-Ups if you’d like to know how my solo piano students responded to Rhythm Cups.

Please scroll down to book a free trial lesson.

  • Fees are payable via NEFT and I’m exploring Google Pay and will post an update shortly.
  • Fees include access to materials as per the terms below.
  • Fees cover 2 months of lessons. An additional 3 lessons will be offered at no charge, and any lessons missed by students will not be made up.
Materials covered by the fee
  • Each student will received a set of music downloads via email.
  • Printed copies of the material from the Rhythm Cups Explorations book will be sent to the student via courier, to students residing in India. And via email to other students. This printed book is sent to students under the condition that it is for their personal and for the duration of lessons with me only. Any other use of this printed material is not permitted.
Teaching Days and Public Holidays

Batches are available on Monday evening, from 4pm onwards. The course schedule will be updated here.

Set-Up for Online Lessons
  • Students will need to get themselves an empty 400ml Dahi container, or a plastic or paper glass/tumbler of the same size.
  • The student should be seated at a table for the duration of the lesson.
  • Devices with larger screens – computers, lap-tops and tablets, provide a better view for the student and make it easier. However, phones work too and we will work with whatever is possible.
  • The camera should provide a clear face view at the start of lessons, and later, a view of hands using the rhythm cup (which is actually a plastic glass tumbler).
  • The camera should be steady, and can be placed on a tripod, or on any stand that provides an appropriate view. Please read this post for ideas on propping up a camera with books.
  • I recommend that you have a thick mat ready in case the sound of the cup tapping on your table is too loud and needs muting.
  • All students will be dressed appropriately, as they would for an in-studio lesson.
  • Students will set-up 15 minutes before the lesson. This will give them time to take care of last minute set-up issues that might crop up, and still attend the lesson on time.
  • Young students will need an adult to help them with their set-up for the duration of the lesson. As will older adults who are not very tech savvy.
  • Group lessons will not be recorded.
  • Rules on privacy are available at the Piano Lessons page under ‘Privacy Policy’.
Communicating with me
  • All information about the lesson and enrolment will be provided at free trial sessions.
  • All other communication – confirmation of enrolment, receipts and information on concerts will be conducted via email or via SMS only.
  • Please message via SMS if you’re missing a lesson. Or if you need an appointment to talk to me.
  • Please talk to me if your child has any special learning needs, health issues, injury, pain, physical disabilities, or anything else that affects learning.
  • Please note that I am not available on WhatsApp for students enrolled in group lessons.
Register for a free trial session on Monday November 15, 2021 at 6pm

Please fill in the ‘Contact Me’ form with the student name and age, and any timing preference for regular lessons. I’ll email you back with a zoom link one day before the session.

Enrolling in the course
  • Please enroll in the course after you’ve attended a trial session and have a confirmed lesson slot, by paying the course fee.
  • Fee payment is understood to be your consent to the terms and conditions on this page.

Rhythm 4 All is a fun course that is especially suited to this current time when all of us need to stay isolated to be covid-safe. It teaches skills that are very educational for both music and non-music students.

Would you like to know more about Anitaelise Piano Studio? If so, please scroll up to the menu and take a look at my piano teaching blog or the student videos page.

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