Building Community With Monday Meet-Ups

Monday Meet-Ups at Anitaelise Piano Studio are offered to all piano students. I first started this as an attempt to alleviate the social isolation of the 2020 Covid19 Lockdown and was thrilled to find it worked.

The format of Monday Meet-Ups is flexible. Performance, Rhythm, Piano Practise, or practise of any other music skill. And a place where my students meet online.

At times when the level of social isolation was high, this became a time for students to talk about different emotions they all feel. Have their feelings acknowledged. And play using these emotions, changing dynamics, speed, pitch and maybe even articulation, to suit the feeling they’ve chosen.

Monday Online Meet-Ups

The theme for Mondays since October has been Rhythm followed by Student Practise. I first taught my young students rhythm with Chair Dancing – dancing seated in their chairs. And then, at later sessions THEY taught me their moves!

It was fun, relaxing, and a lot of learning as regards music skills. I think some of the online friendships my students are developing during these sessions will continue when we finally get over covid19, and students living nearby move back to in-studio lessons.

Family Fun

We had our last Chair Dancing sessions mid-October, and now it’s Rhythm Cups. My student’s siblings are always welcome at Rhythm Sessions if they attend regularly.

Some students have asked if family can attend, so these sessions are now open to any family member who can attend with the student, with a request that the student practise’s the previous weeks lesson with them.

I’m really looking forward to having student families attend this session!

All sessions at our Monday Meet-Ups are online events for my piano students. The Rhythm Session is now open to my students and their families, as long as they can be present with the student and don’t need a separate login.

Launching Rhythm Lessons for Everyone

Anitaelise Piano Studio now offers a new course Rhythm 4 All – a fun course for everyone that is very educational. No music training is necessary.

Credits: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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