Don’t go here

don’t go there.

Don’t stay out late

tie up your hair.

Don’t wear that dress

you look too old

and the colors don’t suit you

they’re bright and too bold.

Don’t put your career before your chores

do what we did and don’t want more.


because it makes us yearn

and wonder if we could have lived our dream

and still,

run our home.

Because the older woman is starting to look at the younger woman who has found a balance between her dream career and managing her home. And wonder. And learn.

Published by Anitaelise

Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper. The blogs - and are written and owned by her and published in accordance with the copyright notice at the footer of each blog.

3 thoughts on “Don’t

      1. True. I think it’s very important that a girl’s family, of all people, realise the importance of supporting the girls to achieve her dreams rather than be the first hindrance to it. No offense meant, but you very rightly mentioned how mothers and mother-in-laws fail in this regard.

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