Tales Our Housework Tell Part 2 of 2

Please read Tales Our Housework Tell Part 1 of 2 for an introduction to this post.

This second part of the post is a very rough approximation of one aspect of home management in our home. It ignores many aspects that I found difficult to measure. More details on the information in this post, in the introductory post mentioned above.

Graph 1 – Daily Chores (below)

The Total Daily Chores of 360 Minutes at the start of our married life have gradually reduced to 255 Minutes after 22 years of practise and learning. I credit this change to more efficient ways of working as well as better planning & organisation.

Step 1: Total 6 Hours or 360 Minutes a Day. The beginning of our married life with a clothes washing machine and in-efficient home management skills. It was a struggle!

Step 2: Time Saved – 75 Minutes a Day. Purchase of a dishwasher within a year of marriage – a desperate move to have some daily ease and manage jobs with long working hours and no maid.

Step 3: Time Saved – 30 Minutes a Day on daily chores. Increase in Weekend Chores – 90 Minutes a week. This was a secret that we kept until it was too old to be changed, because the general community tend to view frozen chapatis in very poor light, unles they’re branded and bought from a store.

Step 4: Time Saved – 15 Minutes a Day on daily chores, with an increase in Weekend Chores of 480 Minutes – until Step 6. We moved to Kharghar and did our daily shopping in Vashi. It was just convenient because shops here weren’t always well stocked at that time. Going to Vashi would often mean a day out as I found mall shopping stressful and would need a tea or lunch break to destress before I drove home.

Step 5: Time Saved – 15 Minutes a Day on daily chores. Another secret you don’t dare mention to other women 🙂 because, I had learned by then, they can be very critical. So I did this quietly. I started to cook larger quantities and we’d eat one fresh veg and one that was left over each day – instead of my cooking 2 fresh veggie dishes daily.

Step 6: Time Added – 15 Minutes a Day to daily chores, with an decrease in Weekend Chores of 480 Minutes – refer Step 4. Kharghar stores started stocking items better so we were able to shop local. Yaay!!

Step 7: Time Added – 45 Minutes a Day to daily chores to plan, downsize, reorganise. The change in the workflow of chores at home was gradual and more an outcome of our efforts than something we worked towards. There was a HUGE increase in Weekend Chores during this time, as we needed larger chunks of time to sort and organise. We added shelves and cupboard partitions, and it’s quite shocking really that small things well planned can bring such ease to work.

Step 8 : Time Saved – 30 Minutes a Day on daily chores – Life settled post downsizing so I needed a lot less time planning and organising. I still do that but it averages about 15 Minutes a day.

Step 9 : 255 Minutes a day on daily chores and a reduction in time for Weekend Chores. This is a rough estimate of the time we spend on chores daily, to the best of my ability to assess it.

Graph 2 – Weekend Chores (below)

Step 1: 120 Minutes a week at the start of our marriage.

Step 3: Add 90 Minutes a week making bulk chapatis to be stored in the freezer.

Step 4: Add 480 Minutes a week shopping in Vashi during our early years in Kharghar, until shopping local was feasible. It was just convenient at the time, because shops here weren’t always well stocked and that meant many shopping trips. Going to the Vashi mall would often mean a half day out. Very soon, I started to find mall shopping stressful and would need a tea or lunch break to destress before I drove home so this was quite a time consuming exercise.

Step 6: Less 480 Minutes a week – local shops finally got their act together.

Step 7: Add 120 Minutes a week for a major downsizing and reorganizing effort we undertook after years of busy when we just dumped things in boxes for later. I educated myself on home storage and organization, and learned to value workflow management and the impact planning has on easing the quantum of work.

Step 8: Less 120 Minutes a week – we came to the end of our efforts at downsizing and reorganisation and no longer needed 120 Minutes each week for it.

Step 8: Less 60 Minutes a week – I noticed that our weekend cleaning went down by 60 minutes.

Step 9: Less 90 Minutes a week – we replaced chapatis with brown rice for health reasons as well as personal preference.

60 Minutes a week – is the time we spend on weekend home cleaning and organization right now. Barring cleaning up the mess we make with hobbies we pull out on weekends, which I haven’t factored here at all.

Please click here to view the Graphs

Once again, please forgive me for inaccuracies and approximations. This is just a post to start discussion on a very important subject. On what Home Management is and on the value that it provides to society.

A shout of support to all the Home Managers in this world!

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