I don’t wanna be the woman behind the man,
let my dreams flow down the sink as I wash the pots and pans.
I don’t wanna be the woman who’s burning up inside,
and sees dirt in the smile of her sisters eyes.

Don’t wanna be the price that you pay
when we’re old, and I’m bitter because I had no say.

And you don’t wanna be the man who sat by,
watched the dreams and hope fly out of my eyes.
Don’t wanna be the cause and the reason why,
my wings were stuck and I couldn’t fly.

You wanna be the man behind the woman
who pursues her dreams and has a life of freedom.

So we’re partners searching for equal, working side by side,
sharing our dreams and our daily lives.

This poem has been published at allpoetry.com 

Published by Anitaelise

Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper. The blogs - therelaxedhousekeeper.com and anitaelise.com are written and owned by her and published in accordance with the copyright notice at the footer of each blog.

11 thoughts on “Wanna

  1. Far better to soar
    Alone upon the winds of fortune
    Then to sit alone
    In a feminists cage
    With my wings clipped unable to
    Soar upon the wind
    Dreaming of what
    Could have been had my heart
    Kept it’s freedom


    1. Lovely writing, through I’m not quite sure I got what they mean. It’s so important for people to realise that freedom for women also means freedom for men. It’s quite impossible for one to happen without the other.


      1. Unfortunately the truth is that freedom for women has meant slavery for men. For every opportunity given to women has meant an equal loss of opportunity for men.

        To put it bluntly men have borne and payed the price for women’s freedom in loss of opportunities, higher taxes and for many the loss of their lives.


      2. Your poem also made it perfectly clear that what you are looking is a wife not a husband – a role that no man should ever be asked to play.


      3. What a strange comment for you to make! I am not looking for anything, or asking for anything. I am writing about an idea of equality that many people are seeing as a benefit to both men and women equally. And that helps both have their careers, creativity, hobbies, enough exercise and a good life.

        If it doesn’t appeal to you it’s OK, it doesn’t have to. It does however appeal to many. It’s something both men and women are striving for, because the lack of equality in our society leaves many women with no way to rest when they’re not well or tired, because quite a few Indian men cannot cook, clean or help at home because they have never ever done it as it was a woman’s job. And it is something the Indian man doesn’t like and he is changing. All ways don’t have to be yours, and they can coexist. Don’t knock a system or an idea that generates joy and happiness for some because you have found a different way.


      4. Your comments say that women gaining freedom impact men negatively and that’s where labelling ideas come from. I wish to put forth the dea that freedom or progress for one cannot happen without taking the other forward. I see this happening in my life and in the lives of many around.


      5. The feminists here in the states made the same claims that you make which turned out to be promises of sand.

        As opportunities for women have expanded opportunities for men have contracted.

        More women than ever before deliberately refuse to marry the father of their children choosing to become dependant on welfare.

        90% of all divorces are filed by women and it is common for men to lose their rights to their children as well as everything they’ve spent years working for and wind up in poverty.

        Men can be falsely accused of the basest of crimes while the feminists demand that their female accusers be believed despite the lack of evidence and/or evidence to the contrary.

        A single false accusation of sexual harassment is enough to destroy a man’s career and ruin his life.

        Instead of marrying down, as men are encouraged to do, the majority of women chase after the 20% of men who are high earners turning up their noses at men who earn less than they do.

        Today men are being pushed out of higher education and the workforce in ever increasing numbers.

        I am also aware of the loss of the civil rights men in India have experienced as well of the human rights abuses men have suffered since the rise of the women’s movement in India.

        I have read articles:

        Of men being beaten, humiliated and thrown from a moving train if they accidentally step into the car reserved for women.

        How food aid was deliberately given to women only who could then deny their male partners sustenance allowing him to starve.

        How women in their twenties can demand and force an elderly man to give up his seat on the bus to her.

        How women abuse the law reforming dowry rights by falsely accusing both their husband and his parents of abuse who are then thrown in jail and the resulting increase in male suicides.

        These are the reasons I don’t believe you!

        Take care!


      6. It appears you see all of society in one lump and don’t understand that different sections are very different and that there’s an extremely wide disparity. And that there are deep social issues you have chosen to ignore.

        I am sad you took a post I wrote about happiness and contentment that some Indian families are moving towards in such a negative way, but then each to his own.

        Thanks for reading.


      7. I see American society as it actually is. The way it was transformed to be in order to give advantages to women while intenionally placing men at a disadvantage. The very same direction that India is heading in today as opposed to the outright lie of your so called ideal (pie in the sky) equal partnership which is anything but equal.


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