OCD Or Covid Safe?


She’s got OCD – it keeps her safe.

The world will end if the tendli is cut round, not straight.

OCD – it gives her control,

There’s so many rules – no one could take over her role.

She’s struggling these days because there’s no maid,

It’s hard for her to find comfort on this bed she has made.

And all that excessive hand-washing – it’s now our new way,

No longer OCD – we call it COVID SAFE!

Sometimes the rules about the way homes have to be run, and the way housework is done can get fixed and rigid. And families can think there’s no other way, even when this makes life difficult.

It’s similar often, to the disruption that time consuming compulsive behaviours of OCD, like excessive hand washing for example, cause in the lives of people suffering with this illness.

PS : Tendli is an Indian vegetable – I think it’s Ivy Gourd in English.

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

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