My Greatest Friend In Times Of Need

My greatest friend in times of need,

I talk to you, say what I please.

You help me out when times get tough,

You listen – never say you’ve had enough.

You’re the one I lean on every day,

So I can turn the busy to relaxed, do things my own way.

You take the weight so it’s off my chest,

Of all my friends, YOU are the BEST!

Published by Anitaelise

Piano Teacher, Poet, Relaxed Housekeeper & Blogger

4 thoughts on “My Greatest Friend In Times Of Need

    1. I started to during a 2year bout of laryngitis. The last 3 months were totally without any sound from my voice. I taught for examinations with direction cards and a notebook. Texted or wrote to my husband and parents. And started writing my thoughts off and on. I started it as a daily habit post a surgical menopause, as my energy level and multi tasking ability changed, and we needed to restructure our home and my workflow to adjust. It’s been a wonderful experience and I actually achieve much more than I did pre menopause. My diary has been my greatest support through it all.

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      1. It was a huge change, and it forced us to change our lives and grow in very positive ways. I am quite open about it. I think more women need to speak about menopause 😊 as it helps families know their support is essential for this to be a positive time.


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