Lockdown Living


It’s so lovely downstairs with no one there,

The blissful silence and the hot summer air.

A once a week visit to the grocery shop,

It’s going to feel real strange when all of this stops.

It’s nice at home – I can sit out in the sun,

Do a one-mile-walk. It’s really fun!

We’re lucky and privileged that social isolation is an option.

Lets be sensible, do our best, and be grateful.

All I need now is a trim for this long lockdown hair,

And visit my family. May they continue to stay safe and well.

Social isolation is a privilege and we need to remember,

The ones forgotten – those who nobody cares for.

A lockdown with no safety net for the poor.

Let the light shine on our nation – open a new door.

Social isolation is a privilege. It’s been heart-breaking seeing the plight of those who don’t have this option.

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

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Published by Anitaelise

Piano Teacher, Poet, Relaxed Housekeeper & Blogger

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