A Students Guide To Online Piano Lessons

152 Tablet on Piano Book Stand
Device on Piano Book Stand

This is a post on the format of online piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio, with some ideas on how piano students can have a basic set up at home without spending too much.

In-Studio Lessons moving to Online Lessons for the lockdown.

  • Lessons will be held at the same time slot as In-Studio lessons.
  • Recorded Assignments will replace ‘Partner’ slots.
  • All students may attend free weekly group sessions offered on Mondays.

Part 1 Recorded Assignments

  1. All students will  WhatsApp video recordings of practise assignments marked in the Homework Sheet, at least one day before the lesson date.
  2. Recording and submitting your assignments :
    • Check that your camera is the right side up before your record.
    • Take one or two recordings during practise, check them, and then submit the best.
    • Aim for improvement over the previous practise, rather than perfection.
    • Add a title to your WhatsApp message so it’s easy for me to identify your videos.

Part 2 Online Live Solo Lessons

  1. Please set-up your camera in advance.
  2. Place your device and camera in a fixed place before you call me.
  3. Please help me protect my eyes by switching off your camera/video if you need to adjust it. I will still be able to hear you speak, and you can switch on the video as soon as your device/camera is in place.

Recorded Lessons

Recorded lessons are a good option for students with internet issues, or for when live online lessons don’t work due to occasional power disruptions. Students have the option of choosing recorded lessons in lieu of online live solo lessons.

Benefits of a  combination of Recorded and Online Lessons:
  • Recorded assignments serve as performance practise, and help students understand assessments better. I’m seeing many students learning much better, and practising better because of the recorded assignments.
  • Online lessons have some surprising benefits as compared to in-studio lessons.  I’ve writing about that in a post on Teaching My First Skype Piano Class.

A Checklist To Organise Before Class :

  1. Charge your phone in advance.
  2. Check that your device is connected to wifi/data and that it is working.
  3. Place your device and check that camera gets a clear view and angle.
  4. Switch off any lights that flash directly into the camera lens and draw your curtains if it’s necessary.
  5. Switch on the lights and fans that you need during class. Lighting behind the camera will help me see you clearly.
  6. Keyboard students, please set-up your instrument, book stand and bench.
  7. Check your books, including your homework/note book and keep a pen, pencil and eraser on hand.
  8. Do you have a glass or bottle of water nearby?
  9. Is your room quiet and free of distractions?

Basic Set-Up

152 Tablet on makeshift side stand
Makeshift Side View Set-up

Front View with your cellphone/tablet placed on the piano book stand (image at the top of this post) for a close up of your head & shoulders/face while we talk, and a partial view of you when you stand away from the piano for exercises to help with posture.

Side View with a Makeshift Stand or a Tripod so I can see your hands and posture while you play. I need to see you from the same angle I sit at during your regular piano lessons.

2 options for if your device speaker and mic isn’t too clear

JBL GO has a portable wireless bluetooth speaker with a built in mic, or you can use a bluetooth cellphone earpiece with a mic.

This post has been written for students using cellphones and tablets. Of course a laptop with a digital camera on a tripod would provide a better view. My students and I work with whatever they can organise and it’s been fine.

Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

Please check out my blog ‘Copyright Notice’ for permissions to use the content of this blog. 


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4 thoughts on “A Students Guide To Online Piano Lessons

  1. You are so topnotch! You really missed your calling as a special ed teacher. If we hadn’t sold our piano years ago, I’d ask for online lessons! I love the way you organized all of those steps and included terrific visuals. Simply wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I always wished I had learned to play the piano. I have a keyboard at home and would like to learn to play it. I have read your blog. Can you please provide some beginner lessons?


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