This busy

This is my story and the story of many young couples today. It’s about a journey to work-life balance.

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9 to 5 equals 7 to 7,

On days that are busy, they’re home after eleven.

Both of them work and their schedule’s real tight,

It’s what they expected, but this busy isn’t right.

So she gives up her job to stay at home,

Life gets more relaxed and the stress is all gone.

Double incomes were trouble for no one got rest,

And they realised division of labour would suit them best.

So he brings in the money while she runs the house,

He does well at work, while her dreams hit the dust.

Ingrained gender roles shaped her ideas of life

So, she made the home her priority – it was HER choice.

This stage won’t last long because she’ll get really bored.

She’s got other dreams – and she’ll work from her home.

He wants her to work – have a wife who is happy,

With a career from home, so the home runs easy.

He keeps weekends for his hobbies and the home’s run without stress,

It’s a simpler life. More relaxed. And they both feel it’s for the best.


Image by David Mark from Pixabay

I used to have a corporate career. Four hours a day commuting and weekends at the office – that’s what I mean by 9 to 5 being 7 to 7.

The stress of having to take half days off for gas cylinder delivery and home repairs. Or when I’d take leave from work for the fridge or geyser repair guy who wouldn’t turn up, and rescheduled at the last minute for the next day.

My husband and I were destined to fail at finding work-life balance and a home that ran in a relaxed manner, while we both had full-time jobs with they typical Mumbai commute.

So I gave up after 2 years of marriage. I didn’t give up my dreams, but I decided to change them. This was on my mind when I wrote The Colours, a very personal poem about holding onto dreams.

I gave up a corporate career to work from home. I made my hobby my career and started teaching piano lessons. I went back to learning and practising, and to the joy of being a  piano student again.

I am a piano teacher, and spend a large portion of my day as a student of piano and pedagogy. I write almost daily, because I find it relaxing and spend time on my blog posts.


Copyright © Anita E Kohli, October 2019. All rights reserved.






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