Can we stop and just listen?

119 sculpture-3365574_1920

Can we stop and just listen to what they say?

‘Cos the wheel will keep turning until every dog has it’s day.

Can we withhold judgement even when we don’t agree?

Even when their ideas make us want to shout and scream?


Because foolish or brilliant, we all have a role,

And the fool might have some wisdom that lights up dark roads.


Can we make time to listen, and be polite?

Look behind the words and see the person. Try to understand the other side.


Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Many of my poems this past year are about slowing down the pace and making time for family. The idea of working on being a better listener flows from this.

It’s a personal journey for me because one of the things I would most like to be when I’m older is an excellent listener. I hope you will join me in this journey. A journey towards expanding happiness as the years go by, and a journey towards a better society.

Social media and WhatsApp relationships often miss the empathy and understanding that a real person-to-person communication has. The ability to see beyond words, and actually understand what another person is trying to convey, sometimes, despite their words.

Copyright © Anita E Kohli, September 2019. All rights reserved.

Published by Anitaelise

Piano Teacher, Poet, Relaxed Housekeeper & Blogger

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