Paint The Town RED

118 angry-3628038_1280We’re the women who dress up to visit our mothers.

We live by our own standards, don’t paint us with your colour.

Blow dry our hair and put on our best dress,

No it’s not a night out to paint the town red!


We take less care when we go out with our men,

‘Cos our husbands are happy whether we’re 2’s or 10’s.

We’re the women who dress up to  to visit our mothers,

And you’re the woman who’s burning up because you can’t see the good in another.


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Is the Indian woman really free?

Yes many of us have freedom within the walls of our home. Some of us just got freedom easy, but many of us had to fight patriarchy to get it. A system of patriarchy practised in India – where the older woman enforces traditions that put walls around the younger woman.

Often when we step out our our homes, we’re being judged.

Sometimes by watchmen who can’t accept differences between the way women live and behave in city, and his village. Or sometimes by unfamiliar cab drivers or by the man on the street – based on where (they THINK) we go, and what time we travel back home. Not all of them, because many men are quite forward thinking. But enough that it puts us at risk and affects our safety.

We’re told we shouldn’t come home late at night. We’re judged and found lacking if we do. And this affects us at times of emergencies and family crises, because we often can’t go out alone late unaccompanied, and still feel safe. 

What really the problem though, is that often, the one judging us is another woman.

The woman who is sending out a message to society that it is ok to look at the way another woman lives and make assumptions.

To see wrong where everything is perfectly all right.

To expect all women to live by the rules that keep her world small and closed.

The rules she’s someday going to teach here own daughter to ignore.

And that’s NOT ok!

Copyright © Anita E Kohli, September 2019. All rights reserved.



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