Letter : A plea for a humane society

There are many horrifying incidents of cruelty to animals – incidents that happen within housing societies. They de-sensitise people to the pain of living beings in general and this impacts society.

This post also has a few tips on how societies can get strays to leave without cruelty and what people can do to help, as well as what they shouldn’t do.

Dear People of India,117 dog-753269_1920

Please lets work together and take a few steps and reduce cruelty to animals within our housing societies.
Ensure that all strays that enter our buildings are led out without injuring them.
  1. Our street dogs respond well to the inducement of food as they’re always hungry.
  2. They will tend to follow or play with someone who talks gently to them and can be lead out of the building.
  3. If they don’t move or if they snarl, they’re likely too frightened or in pain because they’re injured, so call an animal rescue centre or an animal activist from your locality who has experience dealing with situations like this.


  • Ask the watchmen or housekeeping staff to grab them or wave a stick at them. They don’t know how to handle animals, will  frighten and injure them, and are likely to get bitten.
  • Talk loudly, or let children play and run around a frightened animal. It will make the situation worse.


  • Make sure the animal is watched at all times if in an area that is busy. Children wanting to help are likely to try and get bitten. And the animal may get beaten by someone else in your society.
  • Call someone for help.
  • Have a talk with watchmen and housekeeping regularly, keeping them informed of what to do, or let them know who to call when there’s a stray in the building.
  • Talk to people so they understand that animals can be taken out without beating them, and that cruelty is not ok.

Please stop this cruelty,

Please, teach watchmen and housekeeping staff to be sensitive to the pain of animals, as they are living beings.

If you don’t care about animals, please care about your children. Please remember that every act of cruelty de-sensitises the perpetrator to the pain of another living being. That there are some people who enjoy inflicting pain on others. And that stopping this now, will send out a message that treating all living beings in a humane way is important and necessary.

Remember, these are the men who are in charge of the safety of your children.

Published by Anitaelise

Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper. The blogs - therelaxedhousekeeper.com and anitaelise.com are written and owned by her and published in accordance with the copyright notice at the footer of each blog.

3 thoughts on “Letter : A plea for a humane society

  1. I totallly agree. The stories in newspapers about the cruelty meted out to stray dogs break my heart. The dos and donts you have outlined are practically and can be followed by all easily. Thank you for an amazingly well written sensitive post

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    1. Hello Intriguingblue,

      Mumbai recently had two horrific crimes against animals. A female dog rape that had been going on for sometime until an alert citizen caught and reported it (Kharghar) and a dog tied to a car and dragged after being assaulted – am not too clear about the details of the assault as I was too upset to read the article (Andheri).

      And a lot of incidents in housing societies.

      Please help by sharing these ideas when you talk to people.

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