Comfort Food and Writing

A home that’s relaxed needs organisation and routine,

Things bought in advance, and no last minute cooking.

But there’s just one thing that used to cause me stress,

Paperwork and clearing my inbox, something I’d rather attend to a lot less.

But now, I have a method that never fails,

A coping strategy for after, so that peace and happiness prevail.

It’s coffee or chai or kanda bhajiyas,

While I write out my mood till the grumpiness disappears.

Comfort food and writing – it really works,

And I feel light and happy, but I need a long walk.

There’s more on my middle, but my heart feels light,

My grumpy has gone, and now everything is just fine!

Published by Anitaelise

Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper. The blogs - and are written and owned by her and published in accordance with the copyright notice at the footer of each blog.

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