DIY : Plastic free garbage bags from newspaper

Newspaper garbage bags – each made with 3 or 4 layers of newspaper

I tried kitchen waste composting at home for a year and gave up, when I realised my time composting was better spent changing our purchasing patterns so we buy grocery items loose, without plastic. This is a little effort, because dry fruits, grains, fruit and vegetable of a good quality often aren’t available at the same store. But it’s been worth it, as it’s cut our plastic waste quite a bit.

We started to dispose of our kitchen waste in home made garbage bags made out of newspaper. It’s really easy, convenient, and smell-free.

The end of this post has a link to a video that will teach you how to make these newspaper bags.


Using the bag : We had an old plastic box with a lid exactly the size of the paper garbage bag which fits in the corner near our kitchen sink. It’s small enough to keep on our kitchen platform. We round out the top of the bag and flatten the base a little so it fits in our box. Crush or fold an extra sheet of newspaper and put it into the base of the bag to absorb extra moisture, and it’s ready to use.

If the waste is too damp, placing another sheet of crushed newspaper over it, before adding more garbage absorbs the excess moisture.

Disposal : I cover my bags with an extra sheet of newspaper and put a rubber band around, and put this out for our building housekeeping to pick up.img20190709075131.jpg



Click here for a video that explains how to make these bags. It starts with a small sample page and then with a full sheet of newspaper. Thanks Ravindra Godbole for the video!



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3 thoughts on “DIY : Plastic free garbage bags from newspaper

    1. It’s really easy. I taught it to a student and his Mum tried it out and found it worked. So he was commissioned to make many so she always has a bag ready to use!

      I felt quite thrilled to hear this – it’s a small step, but it does make a difference.

      Thanks for being such a regular reader and for the likes to many of my posts and your comments!


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