Writing to minimise drudgery and find solutions

A post about how writing helps me find solutions, and minimise stress. I write and find solutions when running my home gets me down, and I decided it would help me make filing our annual income tax returns quick, and stress-free. And it did!

It’s THAT time of the year. When our annual income tax returns force me to deal with paperwork I have put aside and left undone the full year. I’m generally not prone to feelings of sadness, but this is one time that’s always an exception. I fall back on the only thing that helps me – Chocolate cake and hot cup of chai!

This year, I decide to put my knowledge of piano practise techniques to use, and organise this activity once and for all.

I’m going to FIGHT THIS BEAST and I’m going to WIN!

Then enjoy my chocolate cake and chai with a satisfied grin.

113 coffee-3163596_1920

This phase of sadness usually lasts four days each year. I pull out papers – not a lot – this is the easy part. Then, I bravely open my email – which is so full of spam, advertisements, and constant reminders, that I can’t find any mails I really need. And that when panic hits!


Writing to vent, sort things out, and find a solution.

The term that best describes how I used to feel at income tax time is ‘blind panic’. I sat down last year and actually wrote down my struggles, until I realised that the issue was not actually my tax work – there wasn’t that much of it. The real problem was our move to digital transactions (because physical mail here isn’t always reliable) and spam – the beast in my inbox!

Writing often helps me sort a lot of things out, and I realised that  I make all the mistakes with my annual income tax exercise, that new piano  students make with their piano practise.

I put things off until they’re urgent.

Then do them all together in one go.

In a desperate panic, like the erratic piano practisers who have  a goal, and are worried they won’t make it on time.

Writing out issues almost always helps me step back, think calmly and put panic aside, and solutions are often quite simple.

  1. Filter and label my emails.
  2. Schedule a monthly cleanup and subscription review.
  3. Follow a  see and delete policy with emails as well as SMS messages when possible.

I share this in hope that it will help you write and find your own solutions when life gets too busy.


Image by Lolame from Pixabay

Copyright © Anita E Kohli, August 2019. All rights reserved.

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