A visit to Dr Google

Friends told us that  moving to Kharghar cuts routine visits to the doctor! I didn’t really believe this when I heard about it, but it’s true!

We visit the doctor once a year,

When we’re not feeling too good. Just to be sure all is clear.

The doctor tells us to have some tests,

But we decide to try lifestyle changes, and a little rest.

112 hypertension-867855_1920

We raid the kitchen on Grandma’s advice,

Try home remedies and walk our way to a healthier life.

It’s haldi for colds or for throat infections,

Or raw garlic. It also works for high cholesterol.

Ginger for pain or a cold that won’t go,

Or a steam inhalation, to ease a sore throat.


Jeera and saunf, and add some ajwain,

A big spoonful of it followed by a big glass of water.

For better digestion and a good night’s sleep,

For allergies or the days that we’ve had too much meat.


And, lets not forget good old Dr. Google,

Or Bob & Brad, and their tips on youtube.

The places to go to for lifestyle advice,

That can ease back pain, and change the quality of daily life.


We’ll go to the doctor again next year,

For a reminder to live well, so we’re in the clear.


Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Copyright © Anita E Kohli, August 2019. All rights reserved.

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Piano Teacher, Poet, Relaxed Housekeeper & Blogger

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