Do you ever?

Do you ever,

Leave your house without your phone,

Call up somebody who lives alone?

Feel grateful for the friend who was there through the sad,

Let your maid have a day off when her back is bad?

110 clasped-hands-541849_1920

Do you call up someone just to say hi,

Make time to look at the clear blue sky?

Talk to your kids and hear what they say,

Do you tell them a little about your day?

Do you wish your neighbour because you’re polite,

Or only when you have need and you think this is alright.

Do you pass her by when the need is gone,

And wonder why your children can’t find friendship with strong bonds!

Do you talk to your family – just chat and laugh,

Or reminisce about days that have long ago passed?

Do you teach your kids to spend time with the old,

Form bonds that will anchor them when life gets cold?

Do you ever,

Leave your house without your phone,

Call up somebody who lives alone?

Visit someone when her day is cold and sad,

Let your maid have a day off when her back is bad?

Do you ever?


Many teens and young adults struggle with loneliness today. Very often, they’re the product of a lifestyle and often, a style of parenting that has neglected to teach them the value of community and the value of being there for others.

Of making time to relax and just BE.

I want to start a conversation about this, because maybe, just maybe, it will bring some change.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Copyright © Anita E Kohli, July 2019. All rights reserved.


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Piano Teacher, Poet, Relaxed Housekeeper & Blogger

6 thoughts on “Do you ever?”

  1. Very nice r right kids now days lack compassion may be it’s our generation parenting gone wrong we have given them everything too soon we wanted them to have all that we could not have ….homemakers our job is not considered important in society u have to be doing something making money ..well to start making money now seems difficult especially when u don’t need to…we hv to look after all in the house kids elders maids relatives all sometimes I wonder how women manage work and home must be so difficult for them hats off to them


    1. Thanks and thanks for writing in. Yes I understand what you say, and completely agree that homemakers are undervalued. It’s the same with teachers who teach foundation level and kindergarten. I think one big issue is attitudes towards everyone being independent and sharing chores at home. As well as our eating habits and lack of exercise. I do write about a lot of issues that tie down Indian women, in hope that they will learn how to free themselves.


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