The musings of a Roaming Catholic

Do you believe in God but shun religion?

Feel that faith strong and quiet will shine out from within?

Jai Shree Ram or Praise The Lord,

Or Allah Hu Akbar, to me there’s just one God.

I can use any name but they all mean the same,

For me there’s only Jesus, and I can call him by many names.

‘Cos I’m a Roaming Catholic, and I read the Bible,

Or attend a satsang for help on the days that I struggle.

For the temple is inside of us, if we can only see.

And it’s our attitude and behaviour that can spread kindness, hope or greed.

There’s one thing we all should remember and accept,

That we WILL pay the piper for every debt.

The light is the same and it shines on us all,

And mixing religion and politics is going to lead to our downfall.

Satsang – a discourse on the Bhagavad-Gita.

I’m a Roman Catholic living in a multi-faith family and I often call myself a Roaming Catholic, because I borrow from all faiths when I see something good that helps me.

Published by Anitaelise

Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper. The blogs - and are written and owned by her and published in accordance with the copyright notice at the footer of each blog.

9 thoughts on “The musings of a Roaming Catholic

  1. I disagree with cherry picking from each religion, but I do appreciate your sincere desire to find peace. But ignoring what each set of Holy Books say about other alleged gods, slights the one true God, according to the Bible, Who is jealous for His people! Exodus 34:14


    1. Thanks for commenting. It’s important that we understand that there are many ways to the sane goal. I appreciate that you respect my way. Many are not so respectful of differences in belief. Also read this poem in context relating to the way Jai Shree Ram is being used as a political slogan today in India. Videos on YouTube if you search.

      I think also, that the idea that a name somehow creates another God is quite odd to me. I do believe that God answers to any name we call out. I read the “God’s” the Bible talks about in your quote as people who put things like greed and materialism above their faith and try to mold their faith to support this. I find this in people of every religion equally.

      I’ve written another post that expresses this idea –

      I think religions need to be tolerant and accept the other names I’ve spoken about. I have a friend who is know by 2 different names because she changed her first name after marriage (some communities here do this) and she answers to both. I don’t see why God would be any different.

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      1. I see we can disagree…lovingly! The “all one and no other” concept wasn’t popular in ancient times either. I guess it can be compared to having one husband…or a whole slew of them! Intimate relations with any ONE of them is nearly impossible, beyond the basic obligations. and they all get a small piece of the woman, but not the whole person. It is rather like my calling one cat another’s name. From a distance they’ll purr, but close up—WHO ARE YOU????


      2. It is my assumption that each name and (by inference) husband is a different person…not all the same. Different ways of seeing! Still taking a little from each one…how can you and I be close to any?


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