How to learn a new piano piece


Sight reading a new piece it’s always TOG,

Bit by bit else you’ll have to slog.

Go through the motions on days that it’s tough,

Because small bits of practise will make smooth out of rough.

Later it’s SEP ‘cos you’ll pick it apart,

Exploring aurals and technique till it gets in your heart.

Because music with meaning is what will bring joy,

And analysis and theory will become a new toy.

A tool to help you experiment,

With a little bit of improv – time well spent.

So let your practise have meaning and learn all the tools

That I teach you in class, it’ll help you with school.

To study much quicker – more independently,

And family support will help you keep your hobby permanently.

Practise and learn, have a hobby for life,

It will help you later in times of strife.

You’ll go to your piano and play out your struggles,

Till you feel you can go back relaxed and untroubled.

TOG & SEP are my short-forms for playing hands together and hands separately. Sight-reading means playing a new piano piece that you don’t know after a glance at it.

Published by Anitaelise

Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper. The blogs - and are written and owned by her and published in accordance with the copyright notice at the footer of each blog.

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