Menopause – Let education be the way to freedom

Menopause is the hormonal change that women face when their bodies are no longer able to bear children.

It’s a time when many women face drastic changes in their energy levels and need rest, in order to bounce back.

  • My post talks of the need to open up a discussion on these issues.
  • The video below was taken at a poetry session I participated in, where I talk about cultural issues that can deprive women of rest, and the support of their husbands and families, at this time when they so desperately need it.
  • The end of my post has links to support sites for menopause and surgical menopause.

Let’s talk about this topic so that there’s knowledge and awareness. Let us let menopause do what it’s supposed to. Relieve women of that monthly discomfort/ tiredness/pain and let their bodies build up the strength and stamina they will need to build strong bones despite the lower levels of estrogen that accompany this phase.

Let us let menopause lead women to freedom.


Menopause – the thing we don’t talk about here in India

Menopause is a secret.

Many women don’t know much about it until it hits them.

And the busy of today often leaves families ill prepared to support the woman who has always been THEIR support system.

Women here in India don’t talk openly about issues relating to menopause, and many seem to have forgotten the simple life-style changes that are needed to make this time a journey to freedom.

I know of families where a visit to the gynaecologist is considered a “woman’s issue” and men don’t get involved. And this often deprives women of support from their husbands or partners, something they desperately need at this stage in their lives.

Some women might even be desperate enough to write in to Dr Mahinder Watsa at the Mumbai Mirror – who really, should be directing women to appropriate websites, or to a good gynaecologist, rather than giving them terrible advice on their reproductive system!

Many Indian women just don’t know enough about menopause, to know when they need to visit a doctor. To know that it’s important to have a doctor who has both the qualifications and the experience with helping women through this stage of life.

Older women who have not been able to help themselves often freeze and change the subject when younger women try to talk to them.

I’m talking about this because I think opening up this subject is the only way to help women who are struggling. And help them know that it doesn’t need to be this way.


Link : An article from webmd that describes what menopause is. 


Here’s some poetry relating to cultural ideas that affect the quality of family support for menopausal women



Surgical menopause

This is menopause as a result of removal of the ovaries. It’s a more sudden menopause than the natural one, where ovaries gradually slow down the production of oestrogen. I don’t want to talk about this in detail, because I’m not qualified to answer questions.

Instead, look at the websites below, if you need more support than your get from you surgeon or doctor. Both have online support groups for surgical menopause, as well as menopause in general. (This support group seems to be limited to Australians). (Indian women can join the forum here for more support).

Please use these sites wisely and always approach medical issues with the guidance and treatment of a qualified doctor.


Lets be more educated about menopause and lead the way to change.



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