Piano practise : The idea of ‘practising’ learning

The light-bulb moment

April 2019 was a month of breakthroughs in piano class. Some of my students had been struggling with things that should have been easy for them, and it took them months to reach that light-bulb moment when everything just fell into place.

A solution so simple and easy to understand, and yet, something that these particular students could only understand after a lot of struggle.

The practise of LEARNING.


‘Practising’ learning means learning something new every day.

To a beginner level student, it might mean something new that’s small. One new note. Or one new bar of music. Or one line of music.

To the intermediate level student moving on to advanced level, this might mean a bigger section done independently. One new page. Or even one new piece.

Learning the piano is challenging, no matter how small a students goals. It’s surprising how small attempts at learning something new can build up day by day.


Can you set aside one minute each day, to learn something new dear piano student? 

Click here if you don’t do this right now, and need more reasons to start.



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