Just one spoon of oil

Just one spoon of oil ‘cos it’s good for my health,

Being active and happy is my idea of wealth.

We don’t suffer famine or drought, and there’s plenty.

Unfortunately, it just adds layers to my belly.

So, just one spoon of oil when I cook my dinner,

I have to make an effort to get my waistline slimmer.

ladles-729213_640We lie 🙂 I HAVE to admit it.

We lie to our teachers when they ask if we’ve done our homework. And we lie to our doctors about the size of that one spoon. But sometimes, we lie so often, that we start to believe the lies. And think we’re trying when really we aren’t.

Human nature is fascinating and entertaining!

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Piano Teacher, Poet, Relaxed Housekeeper & Blogger

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