The taste of freedom with our Milagrow Floor Cleaning Robot

A decision

Our old Eureka Forbes floor cleaning robot started to fall apart, and couldn’t be repaired. We invested in it years ago, but it took us a while to reorganize our home for it. So, we only started to really use it 6 months before  it died.

At this time, Eureka Forbes did not have another model on sale – so it was the Roomba or Milagrow. Both brands had models in a range of budgets, with wet and dry options, but the Milagrow had a budget friendly model, plus it had a customer service centre in Mumbai.

We purchased our Milagrow Aguabot 7.0 Cashmere for about Rs25000/- under an Independence Day discount offer in August 2018 and it set us free from the routine of daily cleaning. Our model has been discontinued and the company now has newer models. Read on for a review.

What we think of our Milagrow Aguabot 7.0 Cashmere

The Milagrow Aguabot 7.0 Cashmere has a remote controller and is pretty easy to use – we use it almost every day. Here’s a look at what we find useful, and the functions we don’t use.

Dry Vacuuming : The dry vacuum takes off really minute dust particles, and leaves our floors spotless. It’s really easy to use and very effective at cleaning.

The roller brush : It’s wonderful as it can handle vacuuming hair without getting jammed and a weekly or bi-monthly cleaning is good enough to keep it moving freely.

Cleaning the bin : The bin needs to be emptied, and the roller and other parts cleaned with the brush which comes with the machine. We do this after 3 full cleaning rounds of our compact 2 BHK (Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen). It’s easy to get the bin out and clean it, but we need to be careful not to drop the filter while emptying the dust bin.

Wet Vacuuming : The wet vacuum on our model has a small water tank as compared to some of the other models. To do this, the large dust bin which is used for dry vacuuming needs to be removed. Then, the water tank plus a smaller dust bin needs to be fitted in.

I’m not sure if it’s ok to use a floor cleaner with this model. 

In any case, the wet cleaning is pretty basic, unlike other models available. The dust level is extremely high here in Kharghar, so a dry vacuum is needed before the wet.

We use the wet vacuum very rarely. I find it easier to mop, rather than switch the dust bin with the water tank. Plus, I mop with a mild solution of vinegar, as it keeps insects away. I don’t think it’s ok to add vinegar to the water tank as it might evaporate and damage the machine.

The timer, and scheduling : We haven’t felt the need for this function. While we have reorganised our home to keep our floor free, we still do need to move chairs in some rooms, and check our floor in case we’ve dropped something we want to keep, that might get vacuumed away. We usually vacuum one room at a time as this suits us best.

Navigation : The navigation of the Milagrow Aguabot 7.0 Cashmere is pretty decent. It cleans a room of 10ft x 12ft really well in about 15 minutes. It manages to get out of small areas, but this takes a little more time. It tends to get stuck on the raised area at the bathing room door, so we just roll up our bath mat there, and that takes care of it. It goes over our bath mat, but we prefer to dust it and roll it up so the floor below gets cleaned properly.

Auto charging : This is only useful if the charger is in the same room that is being cleaned or it is set to clean the whole house at one time. We often need to put our machine into the docking station manually, because we clean one room at a time only.

The virtual wall : works nicely and is very useful.

What would have been nice : Some kind of handle to carry the machine when we take it to another room. And a way to switch the auto charging function off, when it’s in a room other than that with the charger, so that the battery doesn’t completely run down while it searches for a charger.

Was it worth it?

Getting a maid who works daily without supervision can be quite a challenge. Dust levels are extremely high here in Kharghar, and quite frankly, sweeping isn’t all that effective.

There’s the constant burning in Kharghar, and  and the pigeon menace. Our society has installed pigeon nets, but members of our housing society continue feeding the birds in their balconies, despite requests to stop. It’s quite a problem for those of us living below and has a huge impact on our daily cleaning and dusting routines.

We run our Milagrow Aguabot 7.0 Cashmere daily. It takes away a huge amount of dust and mopping goes really quick after that. Our Milagrow Aguabot 7.0 Cashmere has made quick work of what once used to be a time consuming, daily chore.

Thank you Milagrow, you’ve freed up our lives and given us the taste of freedom.

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