For God’s sake don’t argue, just spend

For God’s sake don’t argue, just spend!

Don’t drive your family round the bend.

Take a rickshaw or take a cab.

Is the saving worth driving your children mad?


Standards of living are changing,

But the footpaths have many potholes and breaks.

Walking alone can be risky,

And your children will happily pay.


For a rickshaw when you go shopping,

And for every trip to the park.

But you’re stubborn and argue and try to save,

Money that’s better spend easing your way.


You taught your kids well so they do what is right,

But you argue and give them a really hard fight.


Your life was very different,

And thrift and careful budgeting was what you learned.

It’s how you paid to educate your children, so they could earn.

Much better than you imagined, cos lifestyles and norms have changed.

But now you dig in and won’t let them spend the money you’ve helped them earn.


You taught your kids right but you give them a fight,

And they get really stressed while you cling to the comfort,

Of familiar habits of self-sacrifice.


For God’s sake don’t argue, JUST SPEND!

Don’t drive your family round the bend.

What is the value of money, if it can’t make your evenings a little more sunny?

Constant fights with your parents to get them to take a rickshaw or a cab rather than risk bumpy roads, bad pavements and unruly, indisciplined traffic? ¬†We’ve all been there, or will be, at some time in our lives, as our parents cling to old routines and habits.

And take time to realise that the roads and footpaths in the Mumbai of today are in really bad shape most of the time, and walking is risky. That traffic is more than are roads can cope with, and almost every breaks the rules, driving at speed down one-ways without a care for pedestrians.

That for many senior citizens, being safe often means taking a rickshaw or a cab, even for short distances. And walking is safest done in a park or at a walkers area. Unless you’re a senior citizen walking in Central Park Kharghar. Cos there, bikers and rickshaws often enter the park, and security inside has to chase them out. Mainly because, there isn’t enough security at the entrances to stop them.

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