What your piano fees pay for

Parents often think that piano teaching is just a 1 hour class once a week for the teacher.

Here’s a print from a brochure I keep handy, for parents of all new students to read….It helps parents see that the piano teaching is a ‘profession’ as well as a vocation for the teacher – as opposed to being a ‘hobby’ for the teacher…..and therefore, contributes to better teacher-parent relationships.

Your fees pay for :

  • My  academic degrees, diplomas, and work experience
  • The cost of my ongoing education –  attending master-classes  & workshops on piano playing and teaching. I study piano playing, music theory, teaching techniques and psychology. It’s a continuous and life-long effort, as there’s so much to learn.
  • The cost of time spent on planning your child’s lesson.
  • The cost of teaching materials and reference books that are necessary for piano class.
  • The wear and tear on my piano – a teacher’s piano’s gets used a lot more, and therefore, gets worn out and needs replacement sooner than a student’s piano. Plus there’s the regular cost of tuning and repairs.
  • The class itself – my time as well as the cost of the infrastructure needed to maintain a class
  • The cost and time involved in my trips to buy books
  • The costs I incur, to attend workshops relating to Trinity, ABRSM and any other piano examination boards.

Teacher’s please feel free to use this – either as is, or with modifications that you think necessary.. here’s the link that made me realise the importance of educating parents about fees Where does my tuition go

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5 thoughts on “What your piano fees pay for”

      1. Ha! Ha!

        Jokes aside, parents often don’t know what goes into piano teaching, and teaching as profession, in general. I find it makes a big big difference to the way they view the teacher, when they understand.

        Also, parents who don’t understand music often under – rate the mental skills and commitment required for a child to learn, and educating them, so they can understand is the piano teacher’s job.

        To answer your question, that’s part of the class fees, after teachers reach their ‘break-even ‘ point 🙂


  1. Anita,

    You say in this post that you have a brochure you keep handy for parents. I presume you got the brochure from ComposeCreate website.

    I clicked on it too, but nothing seems to be happening.

    If you have downloaded it from the website, would you mind forwarding it to me. I too would like to keep it handy to show parents (of both old and new students!!)

    I must thank you, for your advice on fees. Most parents are taking it positively and have said the fee increase is “no problem”. If it wasn’t for your “push”, I would never have mustered the courage to increase my fees by Rs.100 an hour.

    Thanks once again.



    1. Hello Miriam,

      The link on the ComposeCreate site is working – just try it again. The brochure is my own, but I’ve edited it a lot after reading posts from composecreate.com

      It has my biodata, teaching terms, a print of this post “What your piano fees pay for”, a print from the following post https://anitaelise.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/questions-parents-of-young-beginner-piano-students-need-to-ask/

      .. and a brief note about my teaching style, expectations of practise and parent-teacher interaction – and how I manage to do this with parents who have the interest, but cannot make it to class, because they’re both working.

      I keep adding print’s of posts from my blog, that I think will help parents understand what goes on in class – it keeps changing, depending on what issue needs tackling at the time.

      Am glad to hear of your fee increase and glad to have been of help….



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