Dear Levi’s India,

Buying a pair of jeans in Navi Mumbai is mostly impossible for me.

The problem is that i am ‘the average woman’ – busy trying to find that ‘perfect imbalance’ that helps me do the things i would like to, and still manage to do the things i need to, and not always succeeding. I’m either too lazy or too busy to have a regular exercise routine. I weigh 20 kgs more than i did at 20, but in my mind, i’m really very slim..

The shops at Navi Mumbai simply don’t cater to ‘slim’, older women like me. They stop at size 34, and usually only keep the skinny fit!

So, i visited the Levi’s shop at the Phoenix mall, Kurla the other day, because i thought that you had taken the trouble to manufacture jeans to fit every woman. I was pleasantly surprised to find my size – only you now mark every size a couple of numbers below the waist measurement (for example : a 34 is now marked 30 or 32)?

However, i walked away without a pair of jeans, simply because the skinny fit just does not do it for me. Like i did before, i’m going to have to really really look around a lot, to get a pair of jeans that fit’s comfortable.

..A sad customer


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3 thoughts on “Dear Levi’s India,”

  1. I really hate shopping for jeans. Not only is it impossible to find a particular size sometimes, but then you wash them the wrong way, and the size changes. I remember I had a favorite pair of jeans I bought. I was so happy with how comfortable they were, I had them custom tailored. I also loved the color. The next day, I’m a little late for work, and I trip and fall. My knee is scraped up, and there’s a massive hole in the knee of my jeans. * sigh * … they didn’t even last a day.

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  2. Hmmm… I see you’re in need of me. Not surprising to me. I’m the greatest. Pray to me! LOL! I saw you say how much you like likes, so I thought I’d flip you out with a whole comment.

    I love the easy breezy way your blog flows! Also, I have a lot of blog entries on how to loose weight without really trying: Not one thing really. Rather, a combination of little things. OK. That’s enough sucking up for now. I’ll suck up more as I get to know you.

    Confined usually to English teachers when I was young, eons ago, I found they looked thinner in those long dresses they’d wear with loose fitting blice (blouses?). Don’t know if this has been any help to you. Just a shot in the dark really. Am pleased to make with your acquaintance :O)


    1. Thanks, for the likes and comment… 🙂

      Will check out your blog…that said, i should tell you that it is my firm opinion, that, as we get older, we all need a little more meat on our bones…as a cushion, you understand?

      In case we have a fall, when we’re much much older…..LOL


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